• FOR SALE LATE CROP of Tomatoes, Green Beans, Watermelons, Pumpkins, Squash, Cabbage, ect. CLOSED SUNDAY'S. Ben A. Miller 716 Upton Road Upton, KY 42784

  • HARDIN CO. FARMERS Mkt., 200 Peterson Dr., Open Tuesday & Saturday 7am to noon. Tomatoes, sweet corn, meat, cheese, baked goods, jams & jellies.

  • PHIL'S PRODUCE FALL VEGGIES Apples, Watermelons, Great Tomatoes: Red, Yellow, Green & Heirlooms. Fall Mums Look Great, Several Colors To Choose From.
    Pumpkins are in, several varieties.
    Cushaws & Gourds for decorating. Call Phil's Produce 270-737-3516. We appreciate your business! Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm Sunday 10am to 5pm. Corner of Mulberry & French St. Phil Howell

  • ST. CATHARINE FARM, Beef, Antibiotic, steroid, hormone free. Also, pork. Call (859) 805-1278 or (859) 336-0444.