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By The Staff

"Keeping your eye on the ball"

It is quite disturbing that the lack of proper focus in today's politics has reached a local level.

In the April 30 The News-Enterprise there was an article about the proposed $12 to $13 million for a new government building. Recently, Elizabethtown created a new tax to fund a sports complex spending mllions of dollars.

Several days ago on the same page of the newspaper there were two articles. One about the $2 million shortage in funds for the Hardin County school system. The other talked about options to spend millions on government complexes.

Hardin County Schools departments had group meetings to discuss how to save money to cover the shortfall. Our government has discussed ways to spend money.

It is very sad we have to consider things such as not buying books, increasing student to teacher ratios, cutting teaching positions and eliminating field trips. On the other hand, it is even more sad in the economic times in which we live with gas prices approaching $4 per gallon, food prices increasing, health care cost sincreasing and other critical elements of everyday life out of control that we even consider spending such funds for items not critical at this time.

Our children are the future of this community as well as our country. Their education should absolutely be a priority over the above mentioned spending. As Kentucky is a sports-orientated state, I think "keeping our eye on the ball" should be something we as a people and our government should be doing. Of course this is just my opinion, we are all entitled to that much. I would ask that our local officials please consider things that are most important to its citizens. The needs of the many should outweigh the wants of a few.

Don Robinette

505 Covenant Drive

Elizabethtown, Ky 42701