10-17 Building Permits

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By The Staff

The following building permit information has been obtained from Hardin County Planning and Development Commission and the City of Elizabethtown Planning and Development offices. The name of the applicant, applicant’s address and use of permit are listed.

Bryan Heath, 3137 St. John Church Road, Elizabethtown. Use: barn.

Larry Goodman, lot 63 Needham Road, county. Use: single-family dwelling.

Steve Redmon, lot 24 Lachey Court, county. Use: single-family dwelling.

Brian Clemons, 26 Limp Road, Big Clifty. Use: porch.

Kimberly Burd, 195 Rebecca Ann Court, Elizabethtown. Use: deck.

Joseph R. Cox, 293 Rembrandt Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: basement remodel.

Gordon and Bernett Board, property on Bratcher Lane, county. Use: double-wide.

Margaret Lomax, 6 Fife Lane, county. Use: storage shed.

Mark Newton, 189 Triune Trace, county. Use: basement remodel.

Service First, 907 Peterson Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: roof.

Ricky Loyall, 1200 Hancock Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: sunroom.

TDA Properties Inc., 2409 Ring Road, Suite 102, Elizabethtown. Use: tenant finish.

James D. Ray, 614 N. Mantle Ave., Elizabethtown. Use: shed.

Ben Humphries, 204 Hillcrest Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: storm drain cover.

Coyles, Stivers and VanZant, 2819 Ring Road, Elizabethtown. Use: interior changes.

Sonic, 537 W. Dixie Ave., Elizabethtown. Use: drive through area.

E-town Diagnostic Imaging, 2409 Ring Road, Suite 114, Elizabethtown. Use: second floor finish.