2ND REGION WRESTLING TOURNAMENT DRAW: LaRue County receives four No. 1 seeds (02/05)

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By Josh Claywell

With four No. 1 seeds under their belts, the LaRue County Hawks are locked and loaded for a run at their fourth consecutive 2nd Region Wrestling Tournament title.

The draw was held Sunday at host John Hardin. The tournament starts at 7:30 Friday night with the first two rounds. It resumes at 10 a.m. Saturday with the finals later that night. Admission is $7 per person each day.

Dylan West (43-4), a 132-pound freshman, 160-pound senior Jared Whitlock (38-7), 170-pound senior Caleb Canter (45-0) and 182-pound senior B.J. Carman (51-1) earned No. 1 seeds for the Hawks.

“We just have to win,” said LaRue County coach Gary Canter, who is retiring when the postseason concludes this month. “This is the beginning of the state tournament. You’ve got to go in focused. You can’t go in and give away points. You’ve got to win where you can win and as always, you need to collect bonus points along the way.”

The Central Hardin Bruins, who entered the season with aspirations of challenging the Hawks, received three No. 1 seeds – 145-pound senior Andrew Lee (37-9), 152-pound sophomore Cole Overman (29-11) and 220-pound senior Cody Reeser (19-4).

The Bruins actually earned more seeds than the Hawks, 12-10. While looking over the brackets prior to practice Monday, Canter said his team’s toughest competition will come from Central Hardin.

“I know the seeds are based on the season’s go so far, but as long as our kids wrestle how they’re supposed to, it could come down to us and LaRue,” said Bruins coach Russ Pike. “There are a few other teams who could make things interesting. It wouldn’t take much for somebody else to come in and put some pressure on everybody.”

North Hardin and John Hardin each received two top seeds, while Boyle County, Danville and Nelson County each received one No. 1 seeds. Undefeated 106-pound freshman Jake Burroughs (43-0) and 120-pound senior Bradley Pokuta (37-7) are seeded first for North Hardin, while 138-pound senior Marques Fleet (26-5) and 195-pound senior Wade Holtsclaw (27-1) are John Hardin’s No. 1 seeds.

Bulldogs coach Mike Mitchell said everyone is chasing LaRue County and Central Hardin, but he knows anything can happen.

“There are a couple of teams that could go for a run at it,” he said, “but Central and LaRue are the lead horses going into it.”

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RADCLIFF —As determined by Sunday’s draw/seeding meeting, the first-round pairings for Friday and Saturday’s double-elimination Region 2 Wrestling Tournament at John Hardin High School. The top four finishers in each of the 14 weight classes advance to the KHSAA State Wrestling Championships, which will be held Feb. 15-16 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington:

Competing Teams (12)

Anderson County (AC), Barren County (BarCo), Boyle County (BoyCo), Central Hardin (CH), Danville (D), Fort Knox (FK), John Hardin (JH), LaRue County (LC), Nelson County (NC), North Hardin (NH), Taylor County (TC), Thomas Nelson (TN).

106 Pounds

(1) Jake Burroughs (NH, 43-0) vs. Jordan Barber (AC, 12-19)

(4) Zack Mesker (BarCo, 12-3) vs. (5) Yousef Atiyani (JH, 20-18)

(3) Grant Hall (CH, 19-10) vs. Lukas Hagan (NC, 20-18)

(2) Dawson Bingham (LC, 33-8) vs. Austin Nance (TN, 3-8)

113 Pounds

(1) Lucas McCain (BoyCo, 34-8) vs. Guillermo Roque Mathews (FK, 6-25)

(4) Henry Crowdus (JH, 15-11) vs. (5) Brandon Leak (NH, 10-7)

(3) Cody Thomas (CH, 22-18) vs. (6) Dalton Bell (LC, 22-14)

(2) Zach Phillips (D) vs. (7) Spencer York (BarCo), 8-3

120 Pounds

(1) Bradley Pokuta (NH, 37-7) vs. Garrett Haggerty (TC), 4-9

(4) Kevin Humkey (TN, 8-7) vs. Jordan Hunter (JH, 15-15)

(3) Jared Coffell (CH, 30-16) vs. Hunter Jackson (BarCo, 6-8)

(2) Kyle Edlin (LC, 40-13) vs. Michael Kuchenbrod (D, 7-8)

126 Pounds

(1) Daniel Lannum (D, 41-4) vs. Shaun Davis (CH, 9-22)

(4) Jake Brown (AC, 28-19) vs. (5) Cory Faller (BarCo, 8-7)

(3) Tanner Mouser (LC, 28-13) vs. Katilynn Phillips (TC, 2-11)

(2) Trea Wills (NH, 32-1) vs. Josh Robbins (BoyCo, 13-13)

132 Pounds

(1) Dylan West (LC, 43-4) received a bye

Ty Foster (BoyCo, 8-8) vs. Jordan Diamond (FK, 9-15)

(5) Jonathon Little (NH, 23-23) received a bye

(4) Carson Coulter (D, 31-10) received a bye

(3) Chris McDaniel (AC, 39-13) received a bye

Nance Bradley (TN, 11-7) received a bye

Tyler Duke (BarCo, 1-12) received a bye

(2) Wyatt Overman (CH, 34-6) received a bye

138 Pounds

(1) Marques Fleet (JH, 26-5) received a bye

Caio Lima (D, 12-32) received a bye

(5) Austin Phillips (AC, 20-14) received a bye

(4) Andrew Ackley (NC, 30-9) received a bye

(3) Cody Mardis (CH, 24-5) received a bye

Evan Daly (BoyCo, 9-16) received a bye

Robert Cooley (FK, 20-11) vs. Tyler Mays (NH, 1-5)

(2) Raymundo Perez (LC, 43-5) received a bye

145 Pounds

(1) Andrew Lee (CH, 37-9) received a bye

Griffin Dulak (LC, 18-23) vs. Jesus Fuentes (FK, 12-21)

Noah Conley (BoyCom 22-18) received a bye

(4) Taylor Logsdon (AC, 22-14) received a bye

(3) Zach Richerson (TC, 10-5) received a bye

Ryan Burns (BarCo, 3-8) vs. Warren Tucker (JH, 18-18)

Shawn Dangler (NC, 10-20) received a bye

(2) Miguel Barzey (NH, 31-6) vs. Bain Stephen (TN, 1-13)

152 Pounds

(1) Cole Overman (CH, 29-11) received a bye)

Jacob Aydelott (JH, 5-20) vs. Jonathan Franco (BarCo, 7-13)

(5) Tinker Riedling (NH, 33-16) received a bye

(4) Eugene Grace (FK, 16-14) vs. Zach Gardner (BoyCo, 4-15)

(3) Cody Dillow (AC, 35-17) vs. Simon Burkot (NC, 12-14)

William Hall (TC, 7-6) received a bye

Jesse Janes (TN, 4-7) received a bye

(2) Spencer Hines (LC, 13-0) received a bye

160 Pounds

(1) Jared Whitlock (LC, 38-7) received a bye

Jeffery Clark (D, 17-16) received a bye

(5) Joey Pulliam (CH, 13-10) vs. Dylan Bright (TC, 3-10)

(4) Patrick McDonald (JH, 22-12) received a bye

(3) Alex Swartz (AC, 37-12) received a bye

Zach Kelly (BarCo, 14-3) received a bye

(6) Zac Phillips (NH, 6-1) received a bye

(2) Dallin Tritapoe (BoyCo, 22-7) received a bye

170 Pounds

(1) Caleb Canter (LC, 45-0) vs. Seamus Sallee (D, 21-21)

Logan Perry (TC, 0-7) received a bye

(5) Tucker Pridemore (AC, 21-13) received a bye

(4) Noah Buchert (JH, 17-14) received a bye

(3) Brett Rafn (CH, 15-9) received a bye

Michael Kohler (FK, 4-16) received a bye

Nate Land (NH, 8-13) received a bye

(2) Michael Hargrove (BarCo, 8-0) received a bye

182 Pounds

(1) B.J. Carman (LC, 51-1) vs. Jason Reynolds (TC, 3-8)

(4) Trey Jaco (CH, 22-14) vs. (5) Gabe McMicheal (AC, 25-19)

(3) Andre Farris (JH, 25-13) vs. Nik Mesker (BarCo, 0-1)

(2) Darius Parrott (NH, 31-4) vs. Joshua Hayes (NC, 6-8)

195 Pounds

(1) Wade Holtsclaw (27-1) received a bye

Matt Moses (AC, 10-15) received a bye

Colby Long (NH, 2-6) received a bye

(4) Chris Barnes (BarCo, 11-5) received a bye

(3) Charles Sailing (CH, 29-14) received a bye

Connor Darland (BoyCo, 2-13) received a bye

Le’Ander Beckley (NC, 14-21) received a bye

(2) Tony Couch (LC, 38-13) vs. Cole Parson (TC, 1-5)

220 Pounds

(1) Cody Reeser (CH, 19-4) received a bye

Malik Casby (FK, 8-20) received a bye

(5) Cody Strausser (LC, 22-26) vs. William Edwards (TC, 4-7)

(4) Wesley Kinslow (BarCo, 13-4) received a bye

(3) Austin Muntz (BoyCo, 29-9) vs. Joseph Alcorn (D, 7-18)

Jacob Doster (AC, 8-15) received a bye

Lacory Roberson (NH, 11-17) received a bye

(2) Cameron Mattingly (JH, 26-2) received a bye

285 Pounds

(1) Zac Lawson (NC, 28-2) received a bye

Tyler McPherson (NH, 4-15) received a bye

(5) Elliott Porter (D, 32-8) vs. Jordan Johnson (BarCo, 0-1)

(4) Crockett Cosby (AC, 33-7) received a bye

(3) Kristofer Humphrey (JH, 30-6) vs. Dakota Brock (BoyCo, 19-20)

(6) Nathan Bell (LC, 32-13) received a bye

Austin Mardis (TC, 2-2) received a bye

(2) Matthew Daugherty (CH, 29-4) received a bye