About Hardin County's Most Wanted series

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Law enforcement listed contact below

By Bob White


About Hardin County's Most Wanted series Hardin County’s Most Wanted is a collaborative effort of The News-Enterprise and numerous law enforcement agencies including but not limited to city police, the sheriff’s office and drug task force, prosecutors, probation and parole, and the jail.

The series was revived in early 2008 to run throughout the year as a monthly feature.

Information given to police by readers of Hardin County’s Most Wanted resulted in dozens of fugitives being located in 2008 and previously stale court proceedings being reinitiated.

Many of those cases have since been resolved, and many people previously considered fugitives are no longer on the run. Some also have been released from incarceration.

Along with helping police locate fugitives, informants reacting to 2008’s Most Wanted series also contributed to a record amount of cash being awarded to readers by Hardin County Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers is a nonprofit group of citizens and local officials concerned with community safety. Money for rewards to informants comes from public donations.

Because of the series’ success in bringing informants and law enforcement together readers’ response and the positive results, The News-Enterprise chose to continue the Most Wanted feature in 2009 as a quarterly series, with future installments to hit newsstands the first Mondays of April, July and October.

The list of fugitives in Hardin County’s Most Wanted is supplied by local law enforcement agencies. Additional information and photos are obtained through court and jail records. The information is subject to change if a person on that list is located, arrested, surrenders or the case is disposed of. When such status changes occur the weekend prior to the installment hitting newsstands, it is not always possible to note.

The list of fugitives used for the series is not a list of all fugitives, but those law enforcement agencies contributing to the series consider among their most wanted. All named in the series are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, regardless of circumstances surrounding their fugitive status.

Every possible effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of information. In the event of inaccuracies, The News-Enterprise encourages reader feedback but also advises that any problems with inaccurate information be addressed with the law enforcement agency having possession of the arrest warrant. Agencies holding the warrant for each “fugitive” listed in this series are identified.

Readers choosing to report whereabouts of a fugitive may phone anonymous information to Hardin County Crime Stoppers at (800) 597-8123, or report directly to the respective agency for a particular case using the contact information below.


(KSP) Kentucky State Police Post 4: (270) 766-5078

(HCSO) Hardin County Sheriff’s Office: (270) 765-5133

(EPD) Elizabethtown PD: (270) 765-4125

(RPD) Radcliff PD: (270) 351-4470

Hardin County Attorney’s Child Support Division: (270) 769-5380

Hardin County office of Kentucky Department of Probation and Parole: (270) 766-5074

(VGPD) Vine Grove Police Department: (270) 877-2262