Add some style with paint

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By Kelly Richardson




HARDIN COUNTY — For people bored with the look of a room or their home, painting can bring about a big and much-needed change.

Painting can be a low-maintenance way to add a little style to a home, especially considering that the multiple faux finish techniques available give homeowners more options than one-color walls.

Some of the easiest techniques are tone-on-tone and color-washing, said Kelly Schaffrick, a professional painter who does custom decorative finishes. Tone-on-tone uses different tones of the same color, or mixes different finishes, such as shiny and flat.

“It’s elegant, it looks nice,” she said.

Color-washing uses layers of two or three colors on a wall, and each layer shows through the next, according to www.faux-painting-techniques.com.

Stenciling, where people paint a pattern onto the wall using a stencil, is popular as well, Schaffrick said.

Some of the more difficult techniques are marbling and woodgraining, which replicate the look of marble and wood with paint, Schaffrick said.

“The sky’s the limit when it comes to paint,” she said.

Schaffrick said some of the more complex faux finishes can be done more easily by a professional, but professional painters can also come in handy in knowing the right mixtures of paints and glazes and drying times. She said she often gets calls from people who have begun a project, but need help in fixing a mistake.

For the do-it-yourselfers, Dean Russell, assistant manager of E-town Paint & Decorating Center, encourages people to practice the look they’re trying to achieve on something other than their walls.

Some other basic painting tips he hands out to people are to not use all of the paint on their roller before dipping it back into the tray, and to paint back into the wet areas of paint on the wall, so as to avoid leaving marks and lines after it’s dried. Russell said many people prefer paint to wallpaper because it needs less maintenance and can be changed much more easily. It typically costs less over the long run.

Schaffrick said painting a room can make a big difference without as much work or expense as other decorating options.

“You can sure change a room instantly” with paint, she said.

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