Adding archery for students right on target

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TOPIC: Archery as a high school sport
OUR VIEW: Adding sport is right on target

It has been said more than once that variety is the spice of life.

For area high school student-athletes, the addition this year of archery as a Kentucky High School Athletic Association sanctioned sport is a welcome offering for area schools, as well as schools around the state.

Not all young athletes grow up dribbling a basketball, kicking a soccer ball or swinging a bat. That KHSAA saw a need in their offerings is a home run for the organization.

Archery is one of 16 KHSAA sanctioned sports and opens doors for middle- and high-school students to pursue something they enjoy. It offers a fresh challenge to them on a school competitive level.

The KHSAA should be applauded for opening more doors for competitive sports. In the last two years, the governing body of high school sports in Kentucky has added bowling, archery, competitive cheerleading and bass fishing.

More activity offerings allow an outlet to do something they enjoy and may self-motivate students to perform better in school. And even if a student has never picked up a bow, this is a window of opportunity for a lifelong sport, much like tennis, golf and bowling.

Additional doors are open to more students at various levels. Who knew there were bowling and archery scholarships to be earned at a number of colleges?

So when students from around the county participated March 18-19 at the inaugural KHSAA Archery State Championship at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, they were on a big stage to showcase their skills.

About 1,000 student-athletes took part in the event. Qualifying came from regional team champions and all squads that scored more than 3,000 points at the regional competition. Also, male and female individuals placing in the top 5 on non-qualifying teams also earned spots in the state championships.

We have sent many student-athletes to colleges around the state and country in sports such as basketball, football and soccer over the years. Some have even made it into the professional ranks.

A sport such as archery is another land of opportunity for teenagers to showcase their skills and passion.

St. James Catholic Regional School advanced out of the competition and qualified for a national tournament in May. Curtis Carrico placed fourth in the event.

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