Affordable Care Act

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Sarah Reddoch
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Share your thoughts about the Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare and the Supreme Court's recent ruling about it.

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I am amazed by people that actually believe ACA is a good thing?! If democrats believe the costs for the care of the insured under ACA is being paid by insurers and not shifted to us, tax payers, you are so misinformed. Democrats will raise our taxes and will almost double in some cases in the next 4 years if they win the white house, all to pay the benefits and subsidies of the insured under ACA.
ACA premiums have more than doubled, and our tax money pays the premiums through subsidies. Tax payers were already paying for the un-insured and poor before ACA, through all the programs already in place, the difference now is that insurance companies are getting rich from the scheme. And they will keep raising the price of the premiums and the government will continue to tax us more to pay for them.

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ACA is a great thing

Over sixteen million fewer uninsured and receiving care paid for by their insurance now instead of creating red ink for providers. That means more care is being paid for at doctors, hospitals, etc. That in turn means smaller losses for providers of care and more preventive care for the newly insured which lowers the incidence of expensive chronic care. It also means that the losses to providers prevented by these 16 million people being insured are not being shifted into the costs of people who are insured.

The Affordable Care Act is doing a great job, and would be doing even more if wasn't for the stubborness of those red states that refuse to set up health care exchanges. If you want to hate Obama that is your right. But when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, the fact is that it is a great program.

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"Affordable" Care Act

It isn't only the future generations that will suffer from this act, it is the seniors also who will have to pay more out of their meager retirement funds. "Affordable" should be stricken from the name of the act.