AGC recognized for safety

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By Amber Coulter

An Elizabethtown manufacturer has been honored for its dedication to safety.

AGC Automotive Americas was recognized Friday by Kentucky’s secretary of labor for going more than a year and a half, about 1.5 million work hours without any of the more than 600 employees at the plant suffering an injury that would cause missed work.

That distinction was made possible because of the commitment of management and employees to make sure the work environment is as safe as possible, plant manager Scott Guenther said.

“I think the major thing is the engagement of all the associates who work here at the plant,” he said.

Methods of maintaining a good safety record has been maintained include the management team doing weekly walks through the plant to identify safety concerns and having regular safety trainings with associates and leadership, Guenther said.

Associates also periodically observe each other’s work and give feedback about whether their peers are performing work safely, he said.

“There’s nothing more important than making sure all our associates go home to their families in the same or better health than they left in,” he said. “Let’s face it. None of us are living to work. We’re working to support our families and make our lives better and when they get hurt, that doesn’t support that goal.”

Guenther is proud of what the plant has accomplished. The plant’s safety success demonstrates the power of teamwork, he said.

“When people work together, you can accomplish great things and this is something that we should all be very proud of,” he said.

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