Ahhh, what a relief

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Consumers relieved but cautious about lower gas prices

By Kelly Richardson




HARDIN COUNTY — Gas prices fell below $3 as the weekend began, just a few months after the price hit its all-time high in the area of about $4.15 a gallon.

However, businesses are not celebrating just yet, saying their pocketbooks have not felt the recent dip.

Jeff Chedwick, supervisor at Cleveland Johnson Cab Service in Elizabethtown, said the prices haven’t been an improvement yet.

“They haven’t gone down enough for us to tell a difference,” he said.

When gas prices first began to rise, they had to raise their rate per mile, he said. While the gas prices may be dropping, fewer customers are calling for their services.

“The economy has a lot to do with it,” he said.

The average price around Elizabethtown and Radcliff was about $3.19 Thursday and steadily dropped, reaching $2.99 or $2.98 at most stations. It’s been more than a year since prices were first reported to reach $3 in The News-Enterprise.

The average price in the nation Saturday was $3.29, according to AAA. The average price a month ago was $3.67, and $2.76 a year ago. In Kentucky, prices are similar, with the average price on Saturday at $3.26. The state price a month ago was $3.71, and $2.69 a year ago.

Ed Lucas, general manager of Papa John’s on Ring Road in Elizabethtown, said the pizza restaurant staff will discuss possible budget changes in the upcoming week now that prices are dropping. Lucas said he has not noticed any difference so far.

Radcliff Police Department spokesman Bryce Shumate said lower gas prices are nice for now, but there isn’t any way to predict if they’ll be here long enough to help with the department’s budget. RPD officers are given gas cards to fill up their patrol cars.

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