Animal Control sees rise in dog adoptions

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Euthanizations down for canines but up for cats

By Marty Finley

With the opening of a new animal shelter on Peterson Drive in Elizabethtown, Hardin County Animal Control is seeing a rise in dog adoptions and a decrease in euthanizations.

Director Gerald Foley told Hardin Fiscal Court Tuesday afternoon that the shelter adopted 120 dogs in March compared to 63 dogs in March 2013.

Coupled with that, only 13 dogs were euthanized last month compared to 29 in March 2013, Foley said. The dogs that were euthanized either had some type of animal control behavior problem or were sick, he said.

The shelter also has seen a slight increase in dogs returned to their owners, from 17 in March 2013 to 21 last month, Foley said.

For the current fiscal year, which started in July, 673 dogs have been adopted, 197 have been returned to owners and 475 have been euthanized.

By comparison, 530 dogs were adopted, 186 were returned to their owners and 582 were euthanized during the same period in fiscal year 2012-13, according to Foley’s report.

The same success has not been found with cats. Foley’s report showed that 270 cats have been adopted this fiscal year, which is down from 286 during the same period in the 2012-13 fiscal year. Euthanizations also were up for cats from 884 to 1,011 this fiscal year, according to the report.

Foley said there has been an increase in cats being dropped off at the facility.

But the new shelter has been attracting considerable public interest, drawing more than 1,260 visitors to view animals during adoption hours last month, Foley said.

“It’s pretty busy,” Foley said. “If it was a retail store, I think we’d all be happy.”

Fiscal Court also approved a one-year extension to shelter animals for LaRue County, which does not have an animal shelter.

Under the terms of the agreement, Hardin County will only accept dogs and cats and will take up to 20 animals a month.

LaRue County agrees to pay an annual cost of $21,000 for the service and $15 per animal in excess of 20.

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