April 16, 2013: Our readers write

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Magical math?

After reading the news about passing the $12 million county government move during this difficult financial times all I can say is: Welcome to the “Harry Berry County Government Complex” brought to you by $12 million of magical mathematical funds from somewhere.

After the Hardin County Attorney Office moves to the Fife Building, we can use their old building for another Peddlers Mall.

Richard Leal


There’s a better way

I was not surprised but disappointed when I read Sarah Bennett’s story titled “Simulator shows different side of life” in this Sunday’s paper.

The story opened by saying, “You’re a single mother of two teenagers, one of whom dropped out of school. Your husband ran away and left you with $10.” The story went on to describe how 65 participants were engaged in an exercise to experience what it is like to live in poverty.

I understand people walk many different paths and have experiences that place them in difficult circumstances. To present a scenario where a number of bad decisions somehow made you a victim seems somewhat laughable. Couldn’t the situation be more like “You are a hard working person whose company has laid you off, your spouse has not worked in years due to staying home to raise your children. How will you deal with this situation?”

We are consistently lowering expectations across the board for our young people to live up to. To say this is what you do to aid your family if you come up on hard times is one thing. To accept and excuse someone’s inability to make sound decisions and take responsibility is another. We are fostering the belief that if you make unwise decisions you are somehow a “victim of society.” Let’s teach people to stay in school, wait to start a family until you are married and demand respect from people you intend to spend your life with. I think we would all be a lot better off if we did.

Rob Gibson