April 18, 2011: Our readers write

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Trump should have been corrected

While recently watching NBC’s “The Today Show,” an interview between anchor Meredith Vieira and Donald Trump was aired as a top attraction of the morning show.

In this particular interview more than a few topics not only disturbed me, but left me questioning the tenacity Vieira has for investigative journalism, even on the most simplistic level. This was a woman who sat not four feet from Trump, yet still did not debate any of the claims he made about President Barack Obama that have been proven false.

During one point in the interview Trump went on a small tirade concerning the validity of Obama’s born citizenship in this country, claiming that Obama’s own grandmother stated the president was born in Kenya. This information has already been proven false months before the interview took place, yet Vieira sat by in utter silence, never rebuking a statement I’m positive she could have easily disproven.

The reason that I found this failure on the part of Vieira to be so disappointing is not simply because of poor journalism, but to the fact that when prominent news anchors give us our daily national news on such a wide scale, the nation assumes the information given is accurate.

By idly standing by without admonishing the fallacies and misrepresentation as well as Trump’s hidden agenda, Vieira corroborated the lies spouted off by Trump. This is the means by which the American public constantly is misled.

Every Tea Party supporting, right winged media outlet will rerun this “Today Show” clip to further mislead and misinform many followers.

Kelly Devers