April 19, 2013: Our readers write

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Questions of power

Elizabethtown always has been the political power-base for all of Hardin County.

Elizabethtown’s political reach always extended deep into Hardin County Fiscal Court. There were magistrates, joined at the hip who willingly did the bidding of the Elizabethtown political power base. 

With the last Fiscal Court elections of current magistrates, it seems those puppet strings finally have been cut. At last, we appear to have a Fiscal Court that makes decisions on what is best for all of Hardin County.

It was not so long ago that Elizabethtown leaders supported a new county government complex as long as it was located downtown. City hall supported that even knowing it would be more costly to all of Hardin County. It was all about keeping county government downtown and in control of Elizabethtown. 

After six years of debate, Elizabethtown, has started a battle-cry of voting the current magistrates out of office and replacing them once again with the  Elizabethtown hand selected ones. That would be justified punishment for putting the  needs of all Hardin County above the needs of Elizabethtown.

The anger of Elizabethtown residents are being misdirected by the very people who are responsible for the lack of downtown revitalization. Knock on the doors of city hall, the mayor’s office, every city-council member, planning and development, any and all committees for downtown revitalization. 

Ask them why their only plan to revitalize downtown is to force county government to stay downtown. Most of all, demand answers. If this is their only game plan, then Elizabethtown needs new leadership. Elizabethtown needs to put the right people into the positions that will fix the problems it faces. 

Fiscal Court put the right people in place to guide the future of all of Hardin County. Hopefully, Elizabethtown will follow its lead. 

E.A. Sparrow Jr.