April 20, 2009: Our readers write

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Chuck Crutcher, Kenneth Randall

By The Staff

Celebrate those who care for the land

Earth day is April 22 and we’ll likely be told by environmental critics we’re making bad decisions about a number of our daily lifestyle choices, including the food we eat.

I grew up following my dad to the pasture to check on our cattle. Being good stewards of our land and water resources meant the difference between making a living raising cattle or selling. As my dad constantly reminded me, “If we take care of the land, it will take care of us.”

I raise cattle on my land, and if those critics could walk for a day in my boots they’d know what it really means to be an everyday environmentalist. And their feet would be so sore they’d have something real to complain about

Celebrate Earth Day with a steak dinner and support America’s farmers and ranchers, everyday environmentalists who get up every day to take care of the land and produce the food we so often take for granted.

Chuck Crutcher


A bitter cup of tea for socialists

April 15, 2009, is the day the silent majority spoke out with TEA Parties loudly proclaiming that we are Taxed Enough Already. In cities across this nation, average working people and small business owners took time out to gather and protest the massive spending and tax increases that are being dropped on them by President Barack Hussein Obama and a Congress controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Looking at trillion dollar deficits for the next four years, which would bankrupt this nation and every person in it, working people are speaking out so loudly that they cannot be ignored.

I am proud to be a part of this and grateful to so many others. I want to thank Debra Tennison for taking the time and effort to organize Hardin County’s TEA Party. I want to thank the 400 or so people who showed up for the rally, the speakers, and the many drivers who honked to show support as they drove by. I want to thank the many other Kentucky organizers who helped organize in their own cities, including Louisville, Bowling Green, Paducah and Lexington. Thank you also for showing that we can gather peacefully without the assaults and destruction of property so often seen in anti-war protests. Finally, I want to thank the mainstream media for the way it covered and misrepresented this event. If there is any doubt how most of our so called “professional” journalists are nothing more than socialist shills, you need only watch the YouTube interview by CNN’s Susan Rosegen with a Chicago TEA Party participant.  Her efforts to demean this man spoke volumes about how biased she and CNN are.

The American people were promised change in 2008 and are showing clearly now the change they want. Less government, lower taxes and government officials who work for them. For you Socialists out there, April 15 was only the beginning.

Kenneth Randall