April 20, 2014: Our readers write

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Thanks for focusing on faith experiences
This subscriber was happy to see Suzanne Darland’s article about Easter’s Holy Week on the Wednesday’s Woman page. I still remember my Catholic upbringing and experience as an altar boy during Holy Week and other significant days celebrated in our church.

On Palm Sunday, Catholics would take their blessed palm fronds home, and my mom would braid ours into a small size, and would burn one of them during a ferocious lightning storm, as a supplication to Jesus to save us and our house from harm. That was a generations-old custom she learned from her mother.

I appreciate Suzanne’s information about how other Christian churches observe Easter and Holy Week traditions. Her mention of Severns Valley Baptist Church’s day-long observance of Good Friday, United Methodist’s Good Friday community service, First Christian Church’s Journey to the Cross, the Lutheran’s foot-washing custom, also First Presbyterian’s Seder evening meal on Maundy Thursday.

In later years, I attended Holy Trinity Episcopal Church here in my town and their Agape Thursday supper was an Easter Week event, with Fort Knox friends attending each year.

I’m a senior citizen now, but one lasting impression was my attendance at the Easter Sunrise Service at Fort Bragg, N.C., and all the Army uniforms present, was impressionable for this former National Guard member of six years service, after joining at the age of 17.

Thank you so much, Suzanne Darland and The News-Enterprise, for this coverage of Easter church events.

J. Cecil Smith

Responsible action is no accident

I beg to disagree with Friday’s article “Wildfire ruled an accident.” How can it be an accident when the fire chief believes the fire was started by a cigarette?

Any time a person throws out a cigarette butt without making sure that it is totally extinguished, he or she can start a fire in dry or windy conditions. The results can be devastating and this littering behavior by so many smokers should have been addressed by the chief.

Gisela T. Johnson