April 22, 2014: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Prompted by bumper sticker

The other day my husband went to the post office. After he pulled into a parking space, a young lady in her early 20s pulled into the spot next to him. As my husband was rounding the back of his truck, he noticed the young lady had a bumper sticker that said, “Obama and Biden Forever.” Intrigued, he asked, “So, how is that working for you?” 

She responded and gave the most enlightening and intelligent response possible and said in a very spiteful manner, “(Expletive) You!” and walked off. To that, my husband politely told her to have a nice day, got in his truck and drove off.

Obviously, he wasn’t expecting that type of response.

So what made this young lady respond to such a simple question in that way? Was she unhappy with her vote and the outcome and didn’t want to talk about it? Was this her way of defending her president?

Perhaps she is like so many who are always on the defense for poor decisions and don’t want to discuss why they made foolish choices at the polls. Or maybe it was the sight of my husband, who is a middle-aged male driving a pickup truck and wearing a NRA hat. 

We will never really know why this young lady had such a nasty response.

Is this an example of things to come?

Cheryl Benitez-Metcalf 

Making sense of new standards

I’ve been doing some thinking about a few things everyone says are wrong or should not be allowed. Take the CVS Pharmacy chain, for example. They have said they will stop selling cigarettes, because it is bad to breathe secondhand smoke and to smoke period. And that it kills a lot of people over a year’s time. Being a smoker, I find it good they are doing this to help people with their problems.

But, to be fair to all, why do they still sale beer and alcohol? Look at how many deaths happen from drunken drivers and the damage done by alcohol consumption.

If they are worried about secondhand smoke, shouldn’t they also be worried about alcohol being sold there? You’d think they would because a drunken driver could come there to get more alcohol and then drive to a location to get their smokes. That’s putting a lot of people into harm’s way for selling alcohol and not cigarettes.

Another thing that puzzles me is this: With everybody crying about hate, racism and bullying, why does the government allow so many fights on the Internet to be seen? There are kids as young as 8 or 9 — black, white and other races — fighting. Grade school, middle school, high school and on and on. When is enough, enough? And to make some of these fights worse, you have the sister/brother rooting them on as they record it to put on the Internet. In some cases, the parents are out there telling their kids to kick the other kids’ butt.

Who’s taking responsibility of the young kids’ actions? Not the parent.

They say one should turn the other cheek when faced with confrontations and tell a grownup of the problem. This is most likely not to happen, because the person reporting this will become a snitch and, in turn, a target. They say no one’s born to be a racist, but that it is taught. With all these types of videos out there, you don’t have to have a parent to become one. The Internet will teach you how to become one instead. And then people will wonder where that person learned all that hate.

Glen E. Basham Jr.