April 23 editorial: Count your blessings

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By Michelle McGuffin

THE ISSUE: Warm Blessings

 OUR VIEW: Needs our help

Although some still find it hard, or simply refuse, to believe that families in the midst of our relatively prosperous community don't know where their next meal is going to come from and their children go to bed hungry,  the board members, volunteers and financial supporters of the services provided by Warm Blessings continue the struggle to meet the growing demands for help.

Grateful for the accommodations provided since its beginning in 2006 by the College Heights United Methodist Church, Warm Blessings is relocating to a new building that should enable the charitable organization to extend its blessings to as many as twice  the 45 meals they have been serving three days a week.

The new location is the former Party Plus store, located at 609 E. Dixie Ave., a location more accessible to those in need or financial crisis. The expanded facility could provide a fourth night of meals, limited-use showers and will include wheelchair accessible restrooms. Plans also are to provide limited washer and dryer use, primarily in emergency situations.

Extended power outages and storm damages taught many of us across this county that those kinds of needs for shelter and food could be ours, not someone else's.

But a commitment like Warm Blessings doesn't just happen. It takes people who care, dedicated volunteers to prepare and serve meals, board members to oversee the operations, financial supporters and many others willing to sacrifice to serve others.

The new building will have to be renovated, most of it by volunteers. The owners of the building offered affordable rent and were agreeable to the needed renovations. Thanks to them for their contribution. Even the Elizabethtown City Council waived the fees it normally charges for demolition, building plan review, construction and inspections. But a lot of work remains to be done, and/or financed, including installation of a grease trap and hood suppression system for cooking, new kitchen sinks and expensive plumbing and electrical work.

That's where the rest of us come in. All this costs money. And takes time. But look at it as an investment in the community to help some of our neighbors get back on their feet.

Board Chairwoman Linda Funk said it much better than we ever could in a letter to the community earlier this month:

“A lot of children go to bed hungry at night here in Hardin County. A lot of families and individuals are not sure where their next meal is coming from. As you sit down for dinner tonight and thank God for the bounty in front of you, consider what your support of this mission will do for others,” she wrote.

After you and your family do that, we're guessing you might want to learn more about Warm Blessings by contacting Linda Funk at (270) 737-2929. Or you can donate directly to Warm Blessings at P.O. Box 2384, Elizabethtown, KY 42702


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