April 25, 2012: Our readers write

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 Endorsing Bryan

Kendrick Bryan is running for state representative and he is offering something we need in Frankfort: the truth.

The first-time candidate is a local teacher and a graduate of Hardin County Schools and Western Kentucky University. Bryan is competing in the Democratic primary.

Bryan, 24, has strong ties to many communities because he attended Sonora Elementary, East Hardin Middle School, Central Hardin High School and WKU-Elizabethtown.

Bryan also displays bold leadership by opposing political action committees and special interest groups. I wish more candidates followed his lead in this effort.

Bryan will fight for education. He is a substitute teacher and he is completing a second degree in school counseling. He has fought in Frankfort for students before, and I know he will fight for students as an elected leader. I also support his promise of sponsoring essay contests and spelling bees.

The candidate is an advocate of transparency, and incumbents can learn from Bryan’s platform. Kentucky needs open hearings regarding the budget and redistricting. If reform does not occur, our legislators will continue the costly streak of having special sessions.

The last special session cost more than $300,000. If Frankfort is serious about fiscal restraint, legislators need to follow Bryan’s plan. Their way is not working and our officials need to start getting results in general sessions.

All of that money spent on the last special session could go to the creation of jobs here in the great commonwealth of Kentucky. 

I also support Bryan because he opposes legislative feuds and rivalries. Kentuckians are suffering, and Bryan understands we need collaboration and civility to create jobs and focus on solutions. Bryan understands that arguing across the isle will not allow Kentucky to take a step forward, and for that he is willing to work with all of his colleagues, in order to make the Bluegrass even greater.

On May 22, your vote can Enhance the Heartland. Vote for Kendrick Bryan.

Cain Alvey

Bowling Green


Support Bryan in May 

The Kentucky General Assembly concluded the 2012 general session without solutions to redistricting or budgeting procedures. The group failed to pass a road plan. Gov. Steve Beshear then called for a special session. A new caliber of Representative is needed in Frankfort.

Kendrick Bryan will address these issues, but to do so he needs your support in the Democratic primary on May 22. Bryan is a graduate of Hardin County Schools and Western Kentucky University and is completing a Master’s degree at WKU-Elizabethtown. It is through my experiences at WKU I have come to know Kendrick. He is intensely devoted to public service — to this I can attest, given his years of fighting for student issues there and in Frankfort. 

The first-time candidate has called for Kentucky to create a nonpartisan redistricting commission to hold public hearings. He feels state budgets should not be discussed and created behind closed doors. The budget funds vital aspects of government and discussion should be encouraged. Bryan is a teacher and an opponent of political action committees and special interest groups. He refuses contributions from the groups and is not competing for their endorsements. Bryan’s campaign should be commended for focusing on the issues and opposing negative advertisements in a time of negative politics. Responsible budgeting and bold leadership will help Kentuckians get back to work, and Bryan understands the importance of finding common ground with colleagues. His devotion to Elizabethtown is unwavering; he is committed to enhancing the heartland by sponsoring job fairs and educational opportunities including essay contests, mock elections, slogan competitions and spelling bees. 

His campaign also is dedicated to transparency. Bryan is the only candidate calling for the creation of a website to display representatives’ voting records, office expenditures, local job postings and a list of office visitors. 

Primary Election Day is May 22. Residents will benefit from his refreshing energy, enthusiasm, leadership and ideas.

A vote for Bryan is a vote for transparency and new solutions in a time of stasis and stalemate.

Reagan Gilley