April 27, 2014: Our readers write

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Looking at pro-life record

With no desire for disrespect toward a wife defending her husband (Letters, April 13), I’d like to respond concerning Jimmie Lee’s voting record as well as the state of pro-life legislation in the Kentucky House. 

A search of votesmart.org reveals zero pro-life votes from Jimmie Lee (2006-2014). In fact, all pro-life bills of the past nine years have been blocked from coming to a vote in the House as they have been repeatedly killed in the Health and Welfare Committee.

Rep. Lee had a perfect opportunity to take a strong stand for life by supporting the discharge petition which would have brought the recent Ultrasound Bill out of committee. He chose instead to remain silent.

In her recent letter, Mrs. Lee said she could “list the many strong positions my husband has championed for the well being of kids — born and unborn — over his years of service.” She mentions notable work he does for the welfare of children, but she does not list anything he has done to protect the lives of the unborn. What a tragic dichotomy to help children in foster care and serve those in need of residential services while refusing to give honest support to a firm piece of pro-life legislation.

There were no false statements in the April 1 letter which accurately described Jimmie Lee’s refusal to support the Ultrasound Bill. Perhaps Mrs. Lee misunderstood the letter’s challenge: a call to Rep. Lee to choose children’s lives over political partisanship. The letter writer’s concern for her representative’s demonstrated lack of compassion for children applied to children not yet born. There is no other way to interpret Rep. Lee’s recent actions but that his concern for the welfare of children does not extend to unborn babies.

 Despite persisting Republican efforts, another legislative session has ended without the passage of several vital pieces of pro-life legislation. Because Democratic legislators like Jimmie Lee refuse to support life (whether through discharge petitions or by demanding that their leaders allow pro-life legislation to be brought to the floor of the House), more babies in the commonwealth have, once again, lost their chance for legal protection.

Leigh Ann Pierce



Dealing with roadway madness

As I drive around town, I don’t see many police about.

I pick up my grandson at school around 4 p.m. and as I pull out of my neighborhood, I almost get run over by drivers speeding down Pine Valley Drive, going well over the posted 25 mph. I rarely see police out here, and when I do they sit in the parking lot at the Montessori School at St. Andrews Way and don’t pull over any of these speeders.

Getting speeders on Pine Valley Drive would be like shooting fish in a barrel, as they say.

Also, driving south on U.S. 31W at Veterans Way, drivers use the shoulder as a turn lane just past Wilson Road. I know traffic sucks around here, but this is dangerous for drivers who are waiting their turn as they approach the real turn lane, not to mention totally inconsiderate.

Drivers do the same thing, using the shoulder as a turn lane, as they approach Pine Valley Drive, at all hours of the day.

I guess the city doesn’t get any of the revenue for pulling these drivers over and ticketing them. If we did, the tax structure would be different.

Jeff Rogers