April 28, 2013: Our readers write

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Contrasting stances

Thursday’s edition of The News-Enterprise illustrated the difference in the opinions of two writers. Jose De La Isla, a columnist, was decrying the failure of the proposed gun control bill in the Senate. He claimed again the spurious 90 percent of the public as favoring passage. In a letter to the editor, a local letter writer took the position, correctly, that Obama’s agenda would influence criminals to choose different weapons and tactics.

As that writer wrote, it’s time to get real. Human behavior is the issue. Strict gun control measures in the D.C. Metro area, where the local writer was raised, have failed to reduce violent crime. The same is true in all large metropolitan areas, with Chicago as the gold standard of failed gun control measure.

Gun-free zones are target rich areas for criminals, armed with legal or illegal weapons. Firearms, bombs, lethal knives, clubs, all are illegal for criminal behavior. More such laws will never prevent criminal violence. They would only harm a defenseless public.

Charles W. Jones

Transportation Department hurts Radcliff small businesses solving yesterday’s problem

The Department of Transportation plans to solve a problem that, if left alone, will solve itself. The plan, discussed in Friday’s edition of The News-Enterprise, not only will destroy the businesses along the highway but result in “government taking” by denying suitable access to their businesses.

Heavy traffic along 31W in Radcliff will drop significantly with the completion of the Bullion Boulevard extension to Ky. 313, and the Elizabethtown-to-Radcliff link to Ring Road. This reduction in traffic no doubt will result in a corresponding drop in U.S. 31W crashes in Radcliff.

What will not be solved is the needless, disastrous effect these barriers will cause to Radcliff’s small businesses on 31W. The transportation department assertion that access will not be reduced is fallacious. Requiring drivers to travel an additional mile or so beyond a business only to make a u-turn and then travel back in the other direction to get to a business has got to be considered a reduction in access in any reasonable person’s judgment.

Mayor J.J. Duvall’s inspection of the successful previous work cited by the department indicates the comparison is lacking because of the department’s lack of local understanding.

This transportation plan is an exercise in bad rearview mirror planning while ignoring the windshield view that shows the need for a divider along the 313 and Bullion Boulevard extension where through traffic formerly carried on U.S. 31W now will travel at high speeds with no center line protection.

We need our state house and senate legislators, and the new legislators who are receiving a piece of State Rep. Tim Moore’s district, to assist Duvall and local business associations and residents to halt this section of the road plan as it relates to Radcliff.

John Flanagan