April 3, 2009: Our readers write

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By The Staff


Obama shouldn’t give ammo to racists

If you know how government is supposed to work, the blame for the AIG bonus situation comes straight to President Obama. He either thought that the bonuses were legitimate when he signed the Stimulus Bill into law, signed the bill into law without either reading or understanding it (despite being a lawyer?), or has put himself in a compromising position where he could be forced to sign it against his will. If Obama had been more diligent, studied the entire bill and vetoed it if he really didn’t like it’s content, AIG bonus issues would never have been in Congress.This is classic liberal exploitation of Obama and the dumbing down of America. Why is he tolerating it?

Too many President Obama supporters are not only ignorant of his responsibilites in this issue but also in denial about how the surfacing of this AIG bonus situation has damaged his credibility as a leader to Americans. He wasn’t deliberate enough as his legacy as the first black president of this country was on the line. I feel that he should have read every line of the bill and made sure that Congress and the Senate also got the time needed to completely read and analyze it just in case he missed something. Is he too young to understand?

That didn’t happen and Obama owes us an explanation and an apology instead of trying to backpedal behind a smokescreen which his left wing liberal cronies in Congress have created by attacking AIG bonuses. It makes him look too small. If ethical compromise was involved, he should resign. What else in that bill is still hiding to bite us later? Food for thought.

I was involved in the painful progress of race relations in this country and consider the stakes of this presidency to be very high. Can Obama really identify with the sacrifices of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Wiley Evers and others? They surely didn’t die to see the first black president give less than his best during the signing of that stimulus bill. He apparently doesn’t realize how expendable he is and I sense a typical, selfish, liberal elitist “in crowd” attitude of “I’ve got mine and you still have yours to get” in his persona. Our youth don’t need to see that.

Because of this incident and how racism works in this country, it may be a long time before we have another black President of the United States. He doesn’t need to furnish racists with additional philosophical ammunition to use against black Americans.

Harry Braxton Jr.

Elizabethtown   Vine Grove

thanks volunteers

The City of Vine Grove would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who gave so much in our time of need. Operation Cleanup was a huge success. Volunteers of all ages helped out wherever they were needed. Individuals used their own vehicles and equipment to pick up and remove the storm debris. Local businesses also helped out by donating drivers and equipment. There were many men, women and teens who walked along the streets to load trucks and trailers. Donations of food were overwhelming. We also had help from surrounding neighbors, which included the Bluegrass Challenge Academy and 1/16 Calvary from Fort Knox.

A great deal was accomplished during the cleanup. I am always amazed, but not surprised, at the support this community gives. It encourages me to see this town pull together to help their neighbors.

Thank you so very much. We truly appreciate all you do.

Mayor Donovan Smith

Vine Grove