April 3, 2011: Our readers write

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Harry Braxton Jr.

Misplaced priorities
As a veteran, President Barack Obama’s national defense priorities both puzzle and disturb me. For years, we’ve had an insurgency on the Mexican border which has developed to the point of armed belligerents actually crossing into this country and attacking and killing citizens and law enforcement officials. This administration has money to get involved in Libya’s problems but chooses not to utilize assets nor take actions to protect its own citizens. Furthermore, it hinders the efforts of local law enforcement officials in the Mexican border region when they try to protect these citizens to the best of their abilities. What’s the real deal?
For years I’ve believed that one of the main reasons we aren’t drilling for our own oil is because of personal investments of high ranking public officials in foreign oil. A prolonged struggle between “legitimate” combatants in Libya has the potential either to halt or disrupt oil flow in that country and consequently negatively influence investments of certain political elite who happen to have inside information on this issue. It would be really interesting to see the financial portfolios of a few folks in Washington and actually correlate my theory. As long as Eric Holder is the Attorney General, it won’t happen.
I’ve already written about why I feel the Mexican border isn’t being defended as well as it could be. Deliberate negligence allows continued illegal entry into this country pursuant to long term political gain when this administration can figure out how to work in a blanket amnesty decree and reap millions of votes for their liberal agenda. In the meanwhile, I have a retired military mentor/real estate agent friend who served multiple combat tours in Vietnam and is hesitant to check on some of his properties in Arizona because of concerns for his safety. He can’t safely enjoy his legitimately earned piece of the American Dream.
“Jim” is one of the elite few who taught me how to be a warrior. If he feels this way, the situation is really bad. If this presidential administration really can’t protect him, establish reasonable rules of engagement to allow him and others in that region to simply and effectively protect themselves and their property. Washington, either do something or get out of the way.
Harry M. Braxton Jr.