April 30, 2013: Our readers write

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HMH a treasure

I would like to make a special comment about Hardin Memorial Hospital.

I was admitted to the hospital for different surgeries. I received outstanding service from the staff to the surgeon for my excellent care and recovery.

It is comforting to have such a good service provider at HMH.

I also heard many negative statements at my last stay. The public is not informed as to what excellent service is given to dependents and retirees. I had outpatient surgery and could not ask anybody to give me better service. The staff from HMH, the doctors and nurses took care in recovery until I was able to leave. Special thanks to the staff. I am fortunate to have HMH provide this kind of service.

Esta Pigg



One hundred seven years of light

In 1907, Dr. Hayward Richardson and his wife, Josie, built a hotel in White Mills. It had 50 guest rooms and a dining hall that would seat 300. The hotel was designed to be a destination with the room and board initially set at $4 per week.

On the first night of operation, the hotel became the only one of its kind in Hardin County. Since the site was adjacent to the grist mill, electricity was available. When the switch was thrown, 900 electric lights came on. These were the first electric lights of our community.

Being first has its advantages. The Richardson Hotel put White Mills on the map as visitors came from surrounding cities such as Cincinnati, Louisville, Elizabethtown and Leitchfield. As Josie remembered in her memoirs, “The dining room was filled two to three times a Sunday to accommodate the crowds.” The Richardsons operated the hotel for 40 years.

As fate would have it, the hotel still functions today as it originally was intended. One hundred seven years later, light still is provided to guests who make White Mills their destination for one week visits during the summer. The dining room is still filled two or three times a Sunday. Josie would be proud.

White Mills Christian Camp is preparing for another record attendance in this year’s summer camp programs. Just like a century ago, canoeing, fishing, and swimming make the list of attractions. The old hotel, of course, still is the center of activity for the camp. Could the Richardsons have envisioned in 1907 how important their works would be in 2013?

The camp has thrived on the solid foundations laid by pioneers such as the Richardsons. We should all note the lights we turn on today have the potential to guide others far into the future. Our original goals might be adjusted along the way. However, there still will be crowds to accommodate.

White Mills Christian Camp will make every effort to turn on as many lights as possible this summer. Many of these lights will shine for a time that cannot be measured in centuries. They will shine for eternity.

James Jeffries