April 6, 2009: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Where is the outrage against North Korea?

Now North Korea, an isolated, impoverished totalitarian dictatorship that has allowed millions of its people to starve, launched a missle over Japan. That, to me, is a very provocative and dangerous act that could threaten the stability of the region.

So can we expect the capitals of Europe to fill with thousands of angry protestors? Nope. How about a Hollywood movie star publicly decrying the brutality and recklessness of the North Korean regime? No again. Perhaps some righteous folks might offer themselves as “human shields” to protect the hapless North Korean citizens from their horrific government? Don’t count on it.

Such protestations are strictly reserved for use against the U.S.

Bruce Thompson


Paper should

expose intent

The April 5, 2009 edition of The News-Enterprise carried on pages A14 and A15 brief stories on actions undertaken by or contemplated by the Obama Administration. A crucial observation was omitted in each story.

Cuba first, A14. President Obama may be urging that his intent in allowing unlimited family travel and family monetary remittances to Cuba is to ease the worries of Cuban-Americans who have relatives still living in communist Cuba and to allow these same Cuba bound families to be “less dependent on the Castro regime.”

We just can’t allow ourselves to be that naive. The communist Castro government has a perverse and self-centered program that administers monetary contributions from people in the U.S. to their relatives in Cuba. This program heavily taxes these gifts before distribution and then closely monitors those individuals on the receiving end. Instead of realizing his stated goals, Obama is funding the communist state and exposing the recipient Cuban families to greater scutiny.

Then why this program?

President Obama has political leanings that direct him to fostering positive relationships with socialist nations. The Castros are not much longer for this world and their passing will move Cuba away from radical communism and more toward socialism. To some degree, this already is occuring. Our president wants to lay the proper foundation so be part of that transition.

Medicare, A15. President Obama has and continues to champion universal healthcare. This was an expressed promise during his campaign and an acknowledged goal of his administration. The less attractive and more expensive he can make private healthcare insurance policies the more likely the citizens of this nation will be resigned to having governmental health care rather than a low benefit, expensive private plan. Without drawing significant attention to the real purpose of these reported “new curbs” is evidence of a master politician moving forward on his socialist agenda.

As our local print mass media, The News-Enterprise has an obligation to its readers not only to print “news” releases from the Obama Administration but also to expose its real intent.

You missed the mark.

J.M. Malone