Area festivals are many

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Editorial: Sept. 22, 2013

TOPIC: Community festivals
Area has something for everyone

How's your weekend going?

If you wanted to see a salsa canning contest or you would have been intrigued by redneck games, maybe you should have spent some time at Upton Days.

Or if a car and tractor show is something that may interest you, if you had attended the 53rd annual Vine Grove Daze festival, you would have seen that.

Maybe you are a history buff so what went on at West Point River Days would have appealed to you because there, you would have been able to see historic firearms demonstrations, watch Civil War re-enactments and see what a World War II camp looked like.

And if listening to music and browsing craft booths is what you were looking for after a country breakfast, Western Hardin County Days celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend in Hardin Springs. You would have found both there.

There was something for everyone this weekend and this was just the start of a heavy festival season. The Heartland Festival in Elizabethtown last month and Tracy Lawrence concert at Freeman Lake Park teased festival goers for the months ahead.

Over the next several weeks the area will see the cluster of people who fill the streets at the Glendale Crossing Festival, Abraham Lincoln impersonators at Lincoln Days in Hodgenville and an egg eating contest in Radcliff, plus much, much more.

We have a unique area where residents from communities large and small invest time, money and effort to provide for their own, and for others, it is a weekend of fun and fellowship. No matter how big we grow here in Hardin County, this is still small town USA at its finest.

So opportunity awaits either in an area close to you, or several miles away. It is a trip the next few months worth your time.

If you couldn't find something that was interesting to you this weekend around the county, you didn't look hard enough because these four festivals, like the many that will follow, provided a low-cost opportunity to enjoy a community on display.

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