Atria residents Skype with elementary school students

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The residents at Atria Elizabethtown invited students in a third-grade class at Southwestern Elementary School in Hanover, Ind., to Skype with them. The students and residents were asked to come up with a questions for each other. Atria resident Doris Pile had 14 fellow residents in her apartment to participate in the program. This was the first time any of the residents have been exposed to Skype.

One of the students asked if any of the residents had met Martin Luther King Jr. A resident quickly respond that she met him when she participated in The March on Washington.

All the questions were serious until the very last. The students’ teacher asked that one resident answer a silly question and Dorothy Kargle, a resident know for her wit, was selected. The question was: Are aliens real? She responded, “Of course, I have a pet alien.” The children laughed hysterically the boy who asked the question turned to his classmates and said, “told you so.”

To follow up, students and Atria residents will meet in May at the Louisville Zoo to have a picnic.