Aug. 1, 2013: Our readers write

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Nothing but race

Some writers would have you believe if George Zimmerman were black this would never have been news. That is true, but what they do not tell you is if Zimmerman were black, he would have been taken to the police station immediately following the incident and charged with a crime. Then left to fight to prove he was trying to stand his ground when the incident occurred. There most certainly would not have been the support of gun manufactures helping with his defense.

Some writers would have you believe if Zimmerman were black this would have never gained the attention of national civil rights leaders. That is true, but what they do not tell you is civil rights leaders have been engaged for years trying to eliminate the conditions that made it possible for Zimmerman to kill a young black man and claim he was standing his ground.

One writer even suggested the Zimmerman trial was not about race. He said most people committing crimes are young, black males wearing hoodies and he supports Zimmerman because he was protecting his neighborhood.

That is like me saying most people who wear Confederate flags are committing hate crimes and I should be able to protect my neighborhood from them if I see them walking around it. Therein lies the problem: Zimmerman incorrectly identified Trayvon Martin because he was wearing a black hoodie and fit the profile.

I submit by your own words you make it about nothing but race.

Marcus D. Ray

Divided we fall

I think consolidating county government would benefit Hardin County.

A consolidated government would have equal representation with common goals and safe guards built in that would prevent overshadowing the progress already made.

Radcliff has grown and changed its image considerably. We have overcome being in the shadow of Elizabethtown and attained our own identity. We have had our own district court, vehicle and licensing, among other amenities I personally do not take for granted.

The somber news recently released that once again Fort Knox has another loss of personnel will have an impact. The smart thing to do for this county to survive and stay vibrant is to consolidate resources and put aside bi-partisanship ideals.

I see parts of this county struggling to provide a good image, but they’re making progress. West Point, the forgotten jewel to the north, could use a facelift. With its rich history, I see great potential. Elizabethtown continues to struggle with a revitalization of its downtown historic district but has made considerable progress.

Let us pull together and make it happen. Lord knows we cannot depend on Washington to be sympathetic to our future plights. United we stand, divided we fall.

David Galassini