Aug. 14, 2013: Our readers write

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Call to action on redistricting

Hardin County, I am asking for your help. You probably have been reading about the redistricting being considered in the upcoming special session in Frankfort. 

If you are not aware, the proposed plans cut Radcliff into five parts. The plans call for a certain number of people based on the 2010 Census to be represented as a group. Because Meade County does not have the population to form a full district, a portion of Radcliff will be split off to complete the number. That will be repeated four more times where a small portion of Radcliff will be represented with a larger portion of another county. This must be stopped for Radcliff to be represented as a whole.

It is imperative our voices be heard. You can help by calling the legislative message line at 800-372-7181 and advising the operator you are against the current redistricting plans. Ask that your message to go to all state senators and representatives.

You may have signed the petition going around and that is fine, but more is needed. We have to make some noise to be heard.

If you do not think this will affect you, please consider how much stronger Hardin County representation will be in Frankfort if we are not divided among the surrounding counties.

Please help by calling the 800 number before Friday and make yourself heard. Thanks.

Julie Aldridge



Supporting Bevin

In his last election, with all his money, power, connections, influence, experience and name recognition, Mitch McConnell only managed to win by 6 percent, despite having the further advantage of incumbency. In a state Barack Obama lost by more than 16 percent the same year, this was seen as severely underperforming. Some Republicans wished for a stronger general election candidate. 

Just two years later, a little-known eye doctor by the name of Rand Paul triumphed in his election by a stunning 12 percent, achieving twice the margin of McConnell’s victory with none of the advantages. 

Perhaps the difference was Paul stood firmly for his beliefs and was sincere and believable, winning confidence of the voters.

Republican entrepeneur Matt Bevin, a conservative, veteran and father of nine children, certainly impressed me as possessing those qualities during his announcement he will challenge McConnell in the May 2014 primary. 

An energetic businessman with real life experience, fresh ideas and no political baggage would be a welcome breath of fresh air to the Washington culture which has produced an abysmal 11 percent congressional approval rating. Much like Paul doubled McConnell’s margin of victory when no one thought he had a chance, Bevin can win with our support. Then, he can help make the changes we need to take back our Republic. 

The above facts convey the very realistic vision of a candidate who has an excellent change of winning over not only an established career political incumbent, but delivering even even stronger results for our party in the general election.

Let’s all get busy and support Bevin, because merely voting every two years obviously is not enough to restore America. Go to www.mattbevin.com and sign up to learn what you can do.

Alan Brown Sr.



God back in the USA

In 1700, 1800 until 1960 we could say the Lord’s Prayer in school. The Lord’s Prayer is not a religion. It is a prayer given by God to everyone in the world who believed in God. The Ten Commandments hung on every wall in school. The Ten Commandments are not a religion. They are a set of laws and rules to live by, given by God to everyone in the world who believed in God.

Then we have sports. We ask God that there be good sportsmanship, that no one be injured and everyone in attendance would have safe passage home.

What’s wrong with that?

All the above have become against the law because atheists and devil worshippers don’t like it. 

But there are more than 300 million people in the United States who like it and want it. This is the year 2013. Before that it was B.C. and 2 B.C., which means before Christ. This year is 2,013 years after the birth of Christ.

At Christmastime we celebrate the birth of Christ. We put up a nativity scene in the park for all to see, but atheists don’t like that. Many times we are ordered to take it down. Everyone gives presents to friends and relatives like the three wise men gave presents to Jesus 2,013 years ago. 

All our currency bears the words “in God we trust.” What god are we referring to?

There is only one God who years ago gave his only begotten son that who so ever believed in him would not perish but have everlasting life.

Our military personnel — mostly 25 or younger — in 2011 committed suicide at the rate of one per day, in 2012 almost 1 per day and in 2013 some are still committing suicide. Most never have heard a prayer in their lives. They don’t know when push comes to shove they can ask God for help.

We would like to gather them in a gym or theater and tell them so. But that is against the law.

Everything would be wonderful if atheists and devil worshippers would go to the same country where no one believes in God. They could live happily ever after.

Why is it since 1960 not one thing has been passed in God’s favor? Three hundred million in the country better speak up and say they want God back in everything in the United States.

Ralph L. Reese