Aug. 20, 2013: Our readers write

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Redistricting Democrats

The most critical session of interest to Hardin County and particularly Radcliff, is the Kentucky Legislature redistricting plan. The proposal leaves the 25th House District untouched in southern Hardin County, but northern Hardin County’s 26th House District could undergo a slicing into four different districts.

Why does that matter? Each of those pieces may end up being 25 percent of a heavily rural Republican district, instead of a single strong district unifying the northern part of the county. Notice I didn’t say, “a single strong ‘Democratic’ district?”

I would argue it’s less about parties as it is representation. It doesn’t take a degree in physics to understand being 25 percent of something is far less productive. Either way, the sum total of this plan will leave Radcliff, the second largest city in Hardin County, 100 percent under-represented at the commonwealth level.

If you believe the rumors and pundits in the political theater, Democrats are making a tradeoff sacrificing a strong Democratic district to satisfy the Republicans’ need to eliminate an under-performing representative. I think that is a pretty lousy reason to preclude a city of 23,000 a voice at the table when it comes to planning our future.

Our future should concern us now, not mistakes of the past like building bypasses around a city destroying its business traffic. Or how about doubling-down of growth at Fort Knox with certain knowledge by the majority of our Northern Hardin County veterans that wars end, troops come home and the Army goes up and down just like a basic trainee doing squat-thrusts at PT.

Let our leaders know how you feel. Otherwise, let’s all get together when they open the new Kentucky Veterans Nursing Home and have a balloon-release with postcards proclaiming, “Welcome – sorry you missed us.” We even can show veterans drag racing down U.S. 31W to the local convenience store. Lord knows traffic won’t be a problem.

Beverly Rickey