Aug. 21, 2011: Our readers write

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Recycled arguments in Radcliff politics
With regards to the issue of a recycle trailer in Radcliff it seems that some of us have lost our perspective.
Magistrate Doug Goodman, having not gotten his way with Fiscal Court on a recycle trailer for Radcliff, goes back to his district and the city of Radcliff crying foul. With the city’s help he claims to be able to “land a trailer within weeks.”
As part of the argument, Mayor Duvall says Radcliff was told it could get cheaper trash rates from Waste Management. Trash rates and recycling are two separate issues. But, that’s not an option because the county, in December of 2001, mandated that all residential garbage must remain in Hardin County.
The irony of this tantrum is that the very individual who locked the taxpayers of Radcliff, and the rest of us, into this contract (read an additional tax) is none other than Doug Goodman. And, to add insult to injury, Goodman claims “he has consulted Magistrate Roy Easter about the trailer.” This would be the Roy Easter who voted “yes” on the very same contract.
This is your typical politician creating a problem and then telling you what a nice guy he is for fixing it. That is, after all, how good old boy politicians typically sell themselves to their constituents.
I use the recycle trailer in my district located at the Central Hardin firehouse religiously and am glad it is available. It is 8.5 miles from my location to there via the shortest route. The farthest I could get from the Vine Grove recycle trailer location to a Radcliff boundary, via Google Earth, was less than four miles.
Taxpayers in our area have wanted a firehouse closer to us for years but we realize the funding is not available without an additional tax. Because we are considered a ten in our fire protection we all pay higher insurance premiums. We also were left out of the cable franchise contract awarded by Fiscal Court because of population density. So, if taxpayers in Radcliff are feeling left out you can bet there are those of us in the outlying areas that are not feeling the love either.
Personally, I say put the reserve money in the bank and let’s pick fly-dung from the pepper when the economy is looking a little better.
Chuck Carey

Unification is not for Hardin County
This sideshow about unification that is being tossed around reveals that the supporters are in non-election. self-created organizations. Hopefully, those in elected government positions will wisely recognize self motives that may exist, and stop this train wreck before it happens.
To compare this area with Louisville Metro is unrealistic. That situation was more like annexation and the Louisville government already was capable of governing the expanded area.
“BRAC fever” is getting contagious and power suckers who want to get bigger (which is almost never better, but usually worse) do not need to be in control.
Existing local government is capable of governing, but I do want to take this opportunity to point out a deficiency — litter and uncleanliness. Please get busy on that. Some coordination with Meade County in this area may help.
W.R. Morgan
Vine Grove