August 24 South Hardin news

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By The Staff

South Hardin

Daphne Turpin, 872-3223

The weather has been beautiful, but we are in need of a good rain. The grass is once again brown and crunchy. My yard has bare spots and my garden is dying. The corn is gone and the tomatoes are starting to turn yellow. The state fair is booming with this wonderful weather. I attended last weekend and the place was packed. The concerts are a welcomed activity to many. I recently ran into an old friend, Stephanie, in Sonora. It is always good to talk to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Good to see you Steph. BIRTHDAYS. Happy birthday wishes go to Amanda Hay, Lottie Butler, Joan Thomas, Pat Milby, Jon Bell, Lane Oltmanns, Chris McAdams, Michael Corey, Taylor Martin, Terri Wyatt, Laurel Philpott, Linda Hurley, Carrie Fulkerson, Rachel Hodges, Kim Priddy, Mason Ellington, Richard VanderMeulen, Robert Gardiner, Sandra Powell and Heather Bird. ANNIVERSARIES. Happy anniversary wishes go to Ronnie and Jenny Beavers on Monday, Gary and Jenny Coffey on Tuesday, and Bobby and Natalia Ash on Wednesday. GET-WELL WISHES. Get-well wishes go to Crystal “Jewell” Adams, Larry Jaggers Sr., Kimmie Key, Joe Thomas, Virginia Couch, David Riddix, Sunny Hatfield, Norma Fox, Terry Wright, Joe Knight, Wendell and Betty Jolly, Gary Carey, Virginia Sherrard, Johnnie Lawson, Buddy Willis, Johnny Gribble, Donnie Haper, Morna Eastridge, Joe Montgomery, Sam Stapp, Danny Clements, Rudolph Riggs, Mildred Riggs, Pierce Fulkerson, Troy Goodman, Lorene Brown, Ernestine Hornback, Mildred Payton, Freddie Thompson, Cora Belle Wright, Pam Walker, Taylor Dempster, Gerald Estes, Mildred Baker, Harold Weldon, Jeanette Trent, Brother Owen Riggs, Carolyn Jaggers, Mary Lewis, Doine Williams, Charlie George, David Noe, Spurgeon Riggs, Mellie Morris, Pam Hack, Elizabeth Gardner, Robert Priddy, G.H. Simpson, Bill Cassidy, Junior Jaggers, Thelma Kessinger, Ruth Jaggers, Linda Cecil, Freddie George, Juanita Priddy and Viola Burton. CHURCH NEWS. Glendale Christian Church will hold an ice cream social at 6 p.m. today. BROWNIES. The Brownies will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Glendale Christian Church. CUB SCOUTS. The Cub Scouts will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Glendale Christian Church. SUBMIT YOUR NEWS. Please email me at paperkarma@hotmail.com with any news or ideas by 5 p.m. Sunday. Please use the subject heading South Hardin News to ensure it is not deleted.