BCS is a mess

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Editorial: Jan. 4

OUR VIEW: Needs some revamping

When the Bowl Championship Series for college football came into play in 1998, one of its purposes was to create a buzz around the game.
Consider the mission a success — but too often for the wrong reasons.
Take this year for example.
There is no question Auburn and Oregon have earned the right to play for the national championship next week. Both have gone undefeated and found ways to win games.
And then you have the bowl games that make up the BCS: Fiesta, Orange, Rose and Sugar.
Are we really seeing the best teams in college football in these trumpeted marquee matchups?
An obvious flaw in the system is that a handful of conference champions are handed a BCS game berth.
For example, the Fiesta Bowl Saturday night featured a deserving Oklahoma team and a mediocre Connecticut team. The outcome was a four-touchdown win by the Sooners. That’s not good for business.
For UConn, the loss was its fifth in 13 games. It also marked the first time all season that UConn had faced a ranked opponent so they were mediocre against a mediocre schedule.
How can you boast that this system works when you have a team entering a bowl game with four losses, unranked and facing a ranked team for the first time all season?
Meanwhile, deserving teams like Boise State and Alabama are left out of the BCS because computer rankings didn’t have BSU rated high enough and the Crimson Tide was snubbed because the BCS will take no more than two teams from the same conference.
UConn gained its BCS game bid by winning the Big East, which rarely has schools among college football’s elite.
We shouldn’t blame UConn. It is not their fault the BCS is screwed up and that year after year more deserving teams are on the outside looking in because certain conferences, despite how weak they may be, get big game opportunities.
If the BCS is going to base everything on computer rankings and polls, the top 10 teams from the final rankings should be used, regardless of which conference they come from.
That way schools like UConn won’t be frowned upon like this year. Did the school deserve to play in a bowl? Certainly.
But if an 8-4 team crashes the BCS party, something must be wrong with who gets an invitation.

This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board.