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"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins is the first book in a brilliantly written trilogy. Following 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, we get to experience the degradation of a post-apocalyptic country, Panem, that has children fight to the death on television every year. With vivid detail and strong themes, you just won’t want to put this book down. It‘s an emotional roller coaster with crazy twists and turns. I recommend picking up the other two books, "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay," as well.

Note: This book contains some very gruesome, violent material.

— AUTUMN SANDLIN, senior, Elizabethtown High School


Johnny Bravo, a narcissistic, mamma’s boy and hunk lives a simple life of flirting with girls and going on adventures with neighbor and best friend, Suzy. You can expect cheesy pick-up lines, outraged women and a lesson in just about every episode of the animated series. Johnny is a self-absorbed blonde-haired hunk who rocks the black T-shirt, shades and blue jeans everywhere he goes. When he is out and about you’ll hardly ever see him not googely-eyed over some “babe” around town. He relentlessly tries to grab their attention, but sadly it never works out in his favor. This show has always been controversial for its violence in showing how the women react to his intentions. Oh well, it still drives people mad with laughter at the simple-minded shenanigans of the animated cast. Keep on, Johnny Bravo, you’ll get your dream girl one day. 

— SAVANNAH HABERMAN, junior, Central Hardin High School


The five Arizona boys who are The Maine skillfully display how much they’ve grown this year on their third full length album, "Pioneer." Written, recorded and released with no help from their record label, the album is a genuine example of what passion and dedication can accomplish. "Pioneer" offers a variety of upbeat pop songs with catchy choruses to which fans of the band are accustomed. However, the album ventures to a new focus on the importance of instruments and lyrics that resonate. Also, I assure you, all 14 minutes and 43 seconds of “Waiting For My Sun to Shine” are worth listening to.

— SAVANNA BOLIN, senoir, Central Hardin High School


The jock, the brain, the princess, the criminal and the kook- we all label them but do we really know them? "The Breakfast Club," a classic, displays a true story on the inside scoop of all our high school stereotypes. Five different cliché teens are stuck together in a room and forced to bang heads for six hours. But they bond when the tense atmosphere lays all secrets on the table. Some have family problems, some social problems and others just don’t seem to want to disrupt the status quo by accepting others into their group. By the end they all relate to each other on a psychological level. Jokes and tear-jerking stories are to be expected, as well as twists and turns. Many teens have heard of this movie but actually seeing it will open your 21st-century eyes to problems teens have faced for years. You won’t be disappointed. 

— SAVANNAH HABERMAN, junior, Central Hardin High School


With the Eye-Fi SD Card, it's time to throw away your USB cords. Is your camera getting a bit jealous of you smart phone? Even the most high-end cameras just can’t compete with your iPhone’s ability to immediately upload pictures to Facebook, Twitter and other websites. Now you can level the playing field with the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card. This little, and I do mean little, piece of technology allows you to upload your photos directly to the internet from any wireless hotspot.  All you have to do is take pictures like you normally would and then let the card do the rest.  Watch out, smart phones, there’s a new kid on the block.

— CALEB MOORE, senior, home school


Achording Tabs by JamonApps is one of the most useful Apple applications for a thrifty musician wanting an array of tablature at his fingertips. Not only is it free, but Achording Tabs also functions as an extensive search engine for online guitar tablature sources such as Tabcrawler.com, Chordie.com and several other like sites. Achording stores a vast, user-selected library in a formatted database allowing simple, offline viewing as well as an auto scroll feature which changes the page hands free. Unpretentious, modest features make Achording the ideal app for an experienced or learning musician.

— MICKEY THOMPSON, junior, home school