Boston Marathon, Fox News

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Last year, days before anyone would hear the name "Tsarnaev," Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck fed their faithful a steady diet of conspiracy theories.

When CNN announced false "BREAKING NEWS" that "A SUSPECT HAS BEEN ARRESTED! " in the Boston Marathon bombings, I happened to be watching at the time. Wolf Blitzer and his cohorts went on about it for 15 minutes or so, while FOX News and MSNBC were running the usual file videos, commercial ads, and rehashed updates.

After about twenty minutes, FOX (whose "source" was probably some guy in a control room watching CNN), decided to also announce the "BREAKING NEWS" !

But FOX was not to be outdone, no sir! Not only did they have the "BREAKING NEWS," they also claimed that their FOX affiliate was instrumental in the "arrest," having provided the video recording leading authorities to the suspect!

Finally, NBC cut in with with their own update, which modestly (and correctly) stated that according to their sources, no arrest had been made. In fact, NBC only responded because of the unfounded claims by FOX and CNN.

This went on for an hour or so, with FOX and CNN already in speculation mode, discussing the details of how the "arrest" was done so quickly, while NBC calmly but accurately reported on the false rumours.

Blowing it big is one thing, but the self-serving FOX News Channel takes it to a higher level -- not only screwing up, but trying to boost their ratings with an outright lie about their ficticious role in a ficticious "arrest." A place in hell be reserved for their irresponsible conspiracy-mongers and audience that supports them. They divert valuable time and resources from the agencies who have to respond to the unfounded claims.

I'll take NBC's mostly solid reporting over FOX's unethical alarmism anytime. Politicians that are constantly whining about "the mainstream media" only damage their own credibility.