Building Permits

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Jan. 11, 2013

The following building permit information has been obtained from Hardin County Planning and Development Commission and the cities of Elizabethtown and Radcliff Planning and Development offices. The name of the applicant, applicant’s address and use of permit are listed.

W.O. Cecil, 3 Lutz Estates, Elizabethtown. Use: single-family dwelling.

K&R Builders, 110 Alta Vista Court, county. Use: single-family dwelling.

Tyrone and Georgia Sibbie, 157 Rembrandt Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: sunroom and garage.

Brian and Tambra Jones, 5 Wexford Place, county. Use: single-family dwelling.

Will Harris Homes, 37 Tall Pines, county. Use: single-family dwelling.

Victor and Jennifer Hack, lot 0 Woods Road, county. Use: single-family dwelling.

Wilford Fields, 56 W. Quarry Ridge Court, county. Use: change of use.

Larry Griner, 803 Hawkins Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: property maintenance repairs.

Robbins Enterprises, 1107 Crown Pointe Drive, Suite 105, Elizabethtown. Use: remodel.

Macerich Company, 1704 N. Dixie Ave., Suite D3, Elizabethtown. Use: white box.

Lorene Bell, 521 Sunningdale Way, Elizabethtown. Use: deck.

Brantingham Builders Inc., 109 Antler Court, Elizabethtown. Use: single-family dwelling.

T&S French Realty LLC, 1403 N. Dixie Ave., Elizabethtown. Use: temporary office trailer.

Chris Slayden, 106 Brendenwood Court, Elizabethtown. Use: single-family dwelling.

Anita Kennedy, 1543 S. Wilson Road, Radcliff. Use: carport.

Will Harris Homes, 101 and 103 Kentucky Oaks Trail, Elizabethtown. Use: single-family dwellings.

Joe Rosario, 1777 Holly Court, Radcliff. Use: single-family dwelling.

Bryan Howard, 248 Emmaus Circle, Radcliff. Use: basement.

Grace Apartments, 392 Shelby Ave., Radcliff. Use: deck.

Parkside Manor Mobile Home Park, lot 468 Parkside Manor Mobile Home Park, Radcliff. Use: deck.

Robert C. Martin, 512 James Court, Radcliff. Use: garage.