Building Permits

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Aug. 10, 2012

The following building permit information has been obtained from Hardin County Planning and Development Commission and the City of Elizabethtown Planning and Development offices. The name of the applicant, applicant’s address and use of permit are listed.

Robert Farrow, 201 Milby St., Elizabethtown. Use: carport.

Chris and Christy Tharpe, 614 Pike St., Elizabethtown. Use: pole barn.

Andrew Thomas, 701 Dogwood Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: single-family dwelling.

Jerry Maraz, 727 Freeman Lake Road, Elizabethtown. Use: single-family dwelling.

JPL Management Inc., 3204 Leitchfield Road, Elizabethtown. Use: commercial.

David and Kristy Pritchard, 114 Northpointe Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: deck.

John O. Lewis, 111 Roanoke Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: commercial.

Noltemeyer Capital LTD, 142, 151, 128 and 104 Dorothy Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: multi-family dwellings.

Steve and Sarah Hart, 305 Chestnut St., Elizabethtown. Use: swimming pool.

N Touch Massage, 1201 N. Dixie Ave., Suite 104, Elizabethtown. Use: interior office.

Ruth Tucker, 480 New St., Radcliff. Use: other.

Larry and Linda Happel, 155 S. Logsdon Parkway, Radcliff. Use: utility building.

ParksideManor Mobile Home Park, 1855 S. Wilson Road, Radcliff. Use: other.

Maria Peterson, 133 Derbyshire Court, Radcliff. Use: single-family dwelling.

ArnoldLampkin, 143 Portobello Road, Radcliff. Use: other.

Las Margaritas, 2400 S. Dixie Blvd., Radcliff. Use: deck.

John and Lydia Drexler, 112 Warwick Circle, Radcliff. Use: multi-family dwelling.

John Wright Jr., 1430 Hunters Lane, Radcliff. Use: utility building.

Isaac Bankhead, 134 Longsdale Court, Radcliff. Use: utility building.

Janice Bradley, 77 Nalls Lane, Radcliff. Use: carport.

Margaret Chrobog, 80 Cardinal Circle, Radcliff. Use: deck.

Son Ok Bryant, 108 Clover Court, Radcliff. Use: deck.

Michael Macho, 186 Skyline Drive, Radcliff. Use: deck.