Building Permits

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Aug. 31, 2012

The following building permit information has been obtained from Hardin County Planning and Development Commission and the City of Elizabethtown Planning and Development offices. The name of the applicant, applicant’s address and use of permit are listed.

Thomas W. and Sabine Salo, 4199 Deckard School Road, Radcliff. Use: addition.

Levena Loyall, 466 Grand Canyon Drive, Elizabethtown. Use: garage.

Corey Roberts, 220 Hunt Road, Elizabethtown. Use: pole-barn.

Calvin F. Miles, 12347 Leitchfield Road, Cecilia. Use: storage.

Craig Evans, 73 Luke Court, Rineyville. Use: basement remodel.

David Buckles, 3410 New Glendale Road, Elizabethtown. Sue: deck.

Randall Dingess, 801 Old Tunnel Hill Road, Elizabethtown. Use: garage footer.

M5 LLC, 109 Reserve Court, county. Use: single-family dwelling.

Diane Bowles and Matt Daniels, 121343 S. Dixie Highway, Sonora. Use: commercial building footer.

William and Dawn Sawyer, 345 St. Ambrose Church Lane, Cecilia. Use: addition.

Sheila Sperbeck, 1193 Sycamore Road, Elizabethtown. Use: garage.

E-Town Homes Inc., 100 Huckaberry St., Elizabethtown. Use: single-family dwelling.

E’town Chiropractic Center, 618 Westport Road, Elizabethtown. Use: office remodel.

David Crowe, 519 Stewart St., Elizabethtown. Use: carport.