Canada native developed volunteer spirit in Kentucky

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Monday's Man

By Robert Villanueva

Glen MacPherson makes a conscious effort to use the word “I” as little as possible.


The Elizabethtown resident has a very specific view about his volunteerism with organizations such as Hardin County Habitat for Humanity and Helping Hand of Hope.

“It’s not about me,” MacPherson said. “It’s about doing God’s work.”

The 63-year-old moved to Kentucky from Canada about 12 years ago. Through a series of circumstances, while he still was living in Canada, he met his present wife who was from Kentucky. When they decided to get married, he agreed to relocate to Elizabethtown.

Prior to moving here, MacPherson said he wasn’t an active volunteer.

“Moving to Kentucky changed my life totally,” he said.

Among his volunteer work, MacPherson has been on the board of Hardin County Habitat for Humanity for 10 years, serving six years as president. MacPherson also has served on the board of Helping Hand of Hope for seven years.

In both instances, he said, the executive director of each organization approached him about getting involved.

“The problem is I can’t say ‘no,’” MacPherson said. “There’s so much need out there. Everyone deserves to have a good life.”

He also has a day job at Duplicator Sales and Service. MacPherson credits his employer with allowing him flexibility to serve.

For his work at Hardin County Habitat for Humanity, MacPherson feels rewarded to see people receive a home who might otherwise consider it a dream that never could be realized. Through Helping Hand of Hope,  he is part of an organization that makes sure people have food on the table, among other things.

Additionally, MacPherson has been part of the Elizabethtown Mission Team, which began in 2004 as a way to help people affected by catastrophic storms. The team makes mission trips twice a year.

MacPherson recalled arriving in Mississippi to help a woman whose home was destroyed and had lost her faith. After the team helped her, MacPherson said, she told him her faith had been renewed.

In 2010, MacPherson’s effort to address hunger took the form of Building a Wall Against Hunger, a campaign that ultimately netted 213,423 cans of food and resulted in the construction of a wall that broke a Guinness World Record.

The campaign concept came to MacPherson as most do. He felt he was inspired by God.

Likewise, he was inspired a few years ago to bring military veteran and inspirational speaker Dave Roever’s ministry to the area. At one appearance, he said, some 1,800 soldiers gave their lives over to God before deploying.

MacPherson does not claim credit for any project. He emphasized nothing can be done alone and feels blessed to be surrounded by a lot of great people.

Frank Anderson, president of Hardin County Habitat for Humanity, said MacPherson has a vision of helping whenever possible. A good example, he said, are the mission trips.

“The way Glen is, if he sees the opportunity, he’s going to try to do it,” Anderson said.

Anderson described MacPherson as a friendly person who will meet the needs of those in want.

“Glen has a real big heart for people,” Anderson said.

Asked if he will ever slow down, MacPherson said he plans to continue and cited something he remembers his father telling him.

“‘There’s always something down the street that needs to be looked after,’” he said.

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City of birth: Toronto, Canada.

Family: Wife, Carolyn, five adult children and several grandchildren.

Favorite music: The Beatles.

Favorite TV shows: Sports programming.

Favorite author: Max Lucado.

Hobbies: Gold.