Career day allows students to ponder future

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By Gina Clear

From kindergarten to fifth grade, students filed in classroom after classroom Friday at New Highland Elementary School to listen to professionals speak about and demonstrate career skills.


Assessment committee member Veronica Keeler said the students all were engaged, no matter their age.

“They were all sitting there enthralled,” said Keeler, who helped organize the event.

Around 30 careers from technical to professional jobs were represented at the event.

Principal Daniel Mullins said he suggested the staff have a career event where the goal would be to get students thinking about careers and begin to set goals on how to obtain them. The school did not host one last year.

“Now they can tell you what they want to be and how to get there,” he said.

Students particularly enjoyed some of the presenters’ demonstrations.

“With the carpenter we learned that triangles hold other shapes together when they’re building,” third-grader Shelbea Cox said.

In the demonstration, Jonathan McMahon, of Epoch Wood, demonstrated how flat boards bend, but trusses, which are triangles, stay stable.

“I like showing people how to do things,” he said. “The career day sounded like a good opportunity to show the kiddos how to build things. It was a blast.”

Fifth-grader Ben Rochford said he appreciated information he learned from various presenters and said students now can consider careers other than being a professional athlete or performer.

“With these events they show us other options,” he said.

Rochford enjoyed learning about the stock market while fifth-grader Zach Brangers appreciated the real-world application of what computer technicians do.

“He talked about how to stop people from hacking,” he said. “I hear about that all the time in games.

Third-grader Nick Louvet said he learned Internet safety from the computer technicians. He also liked learning commands from U.S. Army soldiers because his father serves.

Mullins said it was good to see the students’ enthusiasm during the event.

“Students were talking in between sessions,” he said. “It was great to see kids excited about reading and math. We definitely plan to do it next year.”

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