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Feb. 17, 2013


Irene Dodson, 862-3808

As I write this on Tuesday, we are having another beautiful day, which I appreciate very much. Only a few days more than a month until spring. I can hardly wait, as we can have much winter weather between now and then. There always is an appointment to keep some place, and I certainly don’t wish to drive anymore on slick roads. I did my share of it while I was a mail carrier, but at my age, I don’t feel it is safe to take the risk anymore.

Last week was very stressful for Floyd and me. Instructions when he came home from the emergency room were to see our family doctor, Dr. Gerard, in a couple of days. Dr. Gerard sent him over to Dr. Arce’s office to get a heart monitor attached for 24 hours. On Thursday morning, when we returned it to his office and he read the results, his comment was, “I’m sending you over to the hospital for 24 hours of tests, which lasted until Saturday evening when I brought him home and took him back to see Dr. Arce Monday. At this time, he seems to be doing as well as could be expected, but we still request your prayers for the both of us.

He and I wish to express our appreciation to all the personnel who cared for him and for the thoroughness of examinations, etc. of the doctors, and for their kindness. Also thanks to all who called or dropped by to visit him. We appreciated our pastor, Adam Sparks, taking time from his busy schedule to come by Sunday afternoon to visit awhile and have prayer with us.

ORGANIZATION NEWS. The Stephensburg Lodge No. 212 was very pleased at the large number who came out to the fish fry Friday evening. Do they ever serve delicious, fish, shrimp or chicken strips, along with ingredients for a full meal or just a sandwich, or with a side if you wish. They will be serving from 5 to 8 p.m. each Friday through Good Friday.

The Pirtle Chapter No. 449 Order of the Eastern Star met for the regular meeting Saturday evening. Before the meeting, members were served a pancake meal cooked by Gary and Audrey Sue Yates. A number of visitors also were present.

On Monday evening, the Cecilia Ruritan Club will meet at 7 p.m. for the regular meeting. I have not been informed as yet if there will be a speaker. The meal is served at 7 p.m. before the business meeting.

Tuesday, the Cecilia Homemakers will meet in the fellowship hall of Cecilia Baptist Church. The lesson is “As Seen on TV,” with lesson leaders Tina Marple, Evie Blevins and Ruby Ingram. Hostesses are Byrle Thomas, Diane McCamish and Iva Lee Owsley.

COLLEGE HEIGHTS CHURCH NEWS. A grandparent’s tea recently was held in the fellowship hall. Someone said the hall was full, was decorated beautifully and they enjoyed those children serving the tables. I am sure it was a treat to see them serving, I think children are so precious.

The United Methodist Women will meet at 9:30 a.m. Feb. 21. The location will be announced.

The College Heights dart ball team defeated the Stephensburg Baptist Church team at home, all three games, Monday evening. On Monday evening, they will play the Summit United Methodist Church team at home at 7 p.m.

I had an interesting blog Monday from The Rev. Morrissey’s saying they had returned to Thailand and were touring the country to find a location to plant, build, another church. They ask our prayers for their safety. Also they were very thankful for the generosity of those who donated to help build the new Blessings Home. Since leaving as our pastors at College Heights, they are devoting their lives as missionaries in Thailand. May God bless them for their devotion to Him.

SYMPATHY. Our condolences this week to the family of a Cecilia resident, Clarence “Poodle” Cecil, who passed away this past week. I’m sure he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

GET-WELL WISHES. To the ill we wish them a speedy recovery and to the bereaved our humblest sympathy is extended. Health concerns include Danissa Lewis, Billy Parker, Martha Sappenfield, Hobart Nantz, Phyllis Ruff, who now is home, Floyd Dodson and myself, Olzetta Firquin, Bill Fitzgerald, Buddy Cardwell, Belva Priddy, Bud, Margie and Terry Henderson, Wanda McCoy, Lois Morrissey, Cynthia Fullen, “Kim,” my friend in Louisville, Judy Webb, Wilma Jean Cundiff, Jackie McGuffin, Elsie Couch, Laverne Nugget, Bonnie Lee, Bart Ponder, Shannon Keene, Mattie Jennie Clayton, Kevin Goodman, injury, Adele Andrisen, Thelma Dunn and Odette Rofiles. If you have recovered and wish your name removed from the list, or need it added, please call the number below. Continue to remember our military including Brandon Swartzlander, Jay E. Holmes, Mike Holmes, Trevor Flowers, Matthew Eubank, Jack Bryant, Charlie Smith, Philip Fulmer, Tommy Neel, Jennifer Terrance, Mike Terrance, John Holmes, Buddy Cardwell, Brandon Woosley, Eric Brown, James Russell Prause, Jr. Robert Gipson, and our country.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. “It is not who is right, but what is right is of importance.” — Thomas H. Huxley.

HELPFUL HINT. The other day, I was talking to a friend who is aged like me, who said it was so hard for her to change her beds and flopping the sheets. I told her I had started to folding mine, bottom sheet right sides together and top sheet wrong sides together where I could place them, folded edges in the middle of the bed, where I could just unfold them. Saving my arms.

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