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July 6, 2014

Irene Dodson, 270-862-3808
Hope everyone had a great week, Every week is great this time of year; though it is getting rather dry here in Cecilia this Tuesday as I prepare this column. Seems to be raining in spots, some getting quite a bit of rain and others hardly any. I always heard that was a sign of on oncoming drought. We don’t have any crops this year, not even a garden, but I hope others have an abundance.
FLOWER SHOW. Hardin County Fair Flower Show 2014 will open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday. Come and enjoy the Fair and plan to enter the Flower Show. All residents of Hardin County are encouraged to participate and enter in more than 60 categories of horticulture specimens. It’s easy, and what a terrific way to showcase your beautiful flowers and win prize money. Following the judging, two awards of best in show for design and best in show for horticulture will be given. This event is enhanced by trained flower show judges and is managed by The Garden Club of Elizabethtown. For information, call 270-737-2048.
BIRTHDAY WISHES. July Birthday greetings to Gina Broyles, July 3; Josephine Nall, July 4; Joseph Funk, July 6; Hannah Holthouser, July 7; Judy Ward, July 8; Brock Barnes and Ruby Berry, July 11; Louise Spires, July 13; Don Sappenfield, July 15; Larry Holthouser, July 18; Tiffany Allen, July 20; Allison Firquin, July 22; Jeremy Lundy, July 23; Doris Pile, July 25; Kayla Sanchez, July 27; Larry McKenzie, July 29; and Edith Hendersonm July 31.
ORGANIZATION NEWS. The Pirtle Chapter No. 449 Order of the Eastern Star will meet for the regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. July 12 at Stephensburg Lodge Hall.
OUT AND ABOUT. Wayne and James Barnes enjoyed the NASCAR Races at Sparta Thursday evening. Wayne also attended Friday with the Rev. Ron Davis and Marcia attended with him Saturday.
SYMPATHY. We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to Lester Harrington and his family upon the loss of his wife, Louise, last week. I have known Louise since we were teenagers, she was a nice person, and I know she will be deeply missed by all who knew her. Condolences also to Owen Hall and family upon the death of his brother and to Mary Tharp and family upon the death of her sister, Ruby.
We were so sorry to hear of the tragic death recently of the Taylor teenage girl because of a wreck, when a drunken driver hit their car, also seriously injuring her girlfriend riding with her. Seems as though trouble comes almost unbearable at times. I just heard that Miss Taylor’s brother was seriously injured when a deer ran out in front of the ATV he was riding Sunday evening. Luckily his parents were following him and could call an ambulance immediately, I heard.
GET-WELL WISHES. Health concerns include Rita Reams, Harris Cheatwood, John Funk, Martha Sappenfield, Louise Spires, Ruth Smith, Bud, Margie and Terry Henderson, Bobby Smallwood, Martha Statler Bell, Phyllis Ruff, Floyd and Irene Dodson, Bill Fitzgerald, Arnold and Kaye Fulmer, “Charlie” Allen, Colby Bagley, Thelma Dunn, Ruby Parker, Doris Pile, Jackie McGuffin, Hobart Nantz, Tiffany Hill, Martha Jean and Bob Owsley and all others who are in need of our prayers at this time. If you need to add or remove a name from this list, please contact me. Remember to pray for our churches and the leaders of our country as well as those of other countries that they will make the proper decisions for the betterment of the world. Remember out military with extreme thanks for all the sacrifices they make for us.
CHURCH NEWS. The 195th year celebration of Cecilia Baptist Church was held last Sunday with 234 in attendance. There was a special service that featured two former pastors, the Revs Arnold Moon and the Rev. Erdie Carter Jr. speaking.
A bountiful potluck meal followed in the fellowship hall. I’m sure everyone was happy to fellowship with past visiting members.
A special service also was held Sunday at St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Cecilia to welcome its new Priest, Father Martin.
Today is Homecoming Sunday at my home church, Pleasant View United Methodist, beginning at 11 a.m. Pastor is the Rev. Harvey Craddock. A potluck meal follows in the basement. Though I would enjoy seeing everyone again, guess we won’t attend this year.
Vacation Bible school at College Heights United Methodist Church is July 20 through 24. The theme this year is “Bible Boot Camp,” which will teach children about the armor of God. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tricia Smith, 270-862-5444.
We enjoyed a great service rendered by our recently ordained Lay Speaker Tammy Burba, who spoke on a “Firm Foundation,”. because of the absence of our Pastors Adam Sparks and Joe Bennett, who were attending a special meeting at a Methodist church in Bowling Green.
We are happy to welcome the Rev. Adam back as our pastor for another year, along with his family, wife, Melanie, and sons, Noah and John.
Youth Pastor Joe Bennett said College Heights should be very proud of students and adults who attended the illuminate Summer Mission Camp in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The group worked extremely hard to help Highland Enrichment Learning Center continue their ministry. Part of the group did landscaping to help beautify the former abandoned high school and the other part painted some exterior doors. Thank you for your support and prayers of the student ministry.
Our song leader, Donna Scruggs, is asking that if you like to sing try joining the choir this summer. You might enjoy it and more singers are needed, especially during vacation time. If you would like to try out, they meet from 9:30 to 10 a.m. in memory hall for rehearsal. If you attend Sunday School, you won’t have to miss, as they meet from 10 to 11 a.m. Preaching begins at 11 a,m.
The United Methodist Men have built a fence around the playground, insuring better safety for the children.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. “The greatest stumbling block, egotism.”
HELPFUL HINT. I read this on Facebook, mix ¼ cup Listerine, ¼ cup vinegar and ½ cup warm water. Let your feet soak for 10 minutes. Dried skin will practically wipe off when you take them out. Good for your feet whether you have dry skin or not.
SUBMIT YOUR NEWS. Thanks for your news items. Continue to send to idodson@outlook.com or call if you prefer. If leaving a message, please repeat you number slowly so that I might call you back.