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Jan. 23, 2011

We have been getting rain today as I write this, but we are promised measurable snow within the next day or so. Guess the children will be getting another day off from school to have to make up later.


ORGANIZATION NEWS. The Cecilia Community Ruritan Club met Monday evening for its regular monthly meeting and was very well attended. A guest speaker hadn’t been contacted for this month, but Jimmie Lee agreed to relay some very interesting remarks as to the future happenings to occur in Hardin County. Land already has been purchased  to build additional major highways because of the extra traffic because of BRAC at Fort Knox. The completion of Ring Road is a must for the future growth of the county.

We already have acquired 500 extra kids, therefore extra classrooms  will be needed. Also many high tech workers are needed to fill job vacancies in the future. Also the Glendale Development is rated the second best prospect East of the Mississippi River for a one billion dollar plant that would require 3,500 employees.

He stressed the fact that we must step up and accept the challenge for the growth of Hardin County, for which plans for such was birthed before he became involved in politics.

I thought he gave a very interesting and informative talk.

Following, our newly elected Magistrate Dwight Morgan added some comments of interest and offered to be of assistance in any way possible, where needed, to just give him a call. Plans are underway for the future installation of sewer systems for the Rineyville and Glendale communities.

Twenty-six members were in attendance at the Cecilia Homemakers meeting held Tuesday in the fellowship hall of Cecilia Baptist Church. The meeting was called to order by Club President Bryle Thomas. Roll call was answered by telling about  “When you last played in the snow.” Many different and interesting answers were given. The hostesses prepared delicious kettles of beef-vegetable, white chili and potato soup, with many delicious side dishes brought by the attending members. We got to come home early today since the lesson for today had previously been mailed out to the members.

CHURCH NEWS. The College Heights United Methodist Church dart ball team played the Vine Grove United Methodist Church team there, winning only one of the three games played. The College Heights team is scheduled to play the Wesley Meadows United Methodist Church team at home Monday. Sorry to learn the captain of our team, Bobby Smallwood, is very ill. We wish him a speedy recovery.

We had a guest Missionary at Church Sunday, Rachel Hurt who sang for us. In the past 11 months she has visited 11 different countries. In one country she visited, she and the pardoner who was with her visited a “witch doctor.” She was surprised when they got there, as she was expecting to see him dressed in special type apparel, but found him wearing a polo shirt. She was wondering if she was ready to converse with him as a missionary, but found him acceptable of what she had to say. She said that in that county, I have forgotten where she said, when the medical doctors didn’t know how to help a patient, they recommended they go to the witch doctor. Miss Hurt visited our church about a year ago, before going upon her Missionary trip. She just recently moved to Nashville, Tenn., from Shepherdsville.

We enjoyed a wonderful message Sunday, presented by our Youth/Associate Pastor Brother Joe Bennett. It just fills my heart with joy to hear such a young man preach such touching sermons. 

The Red Cross Bloodmobile will be at College Heights United Methodist Church on Jan. 30. If you are able to donate, please do so. I understand the reserve blood supply has been low.

The church Youth Choir will resume their rehearsals at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 2.

OUT AND ABOUT. Floyd and I enjoyed eating lunch Sunday at a fish restaurant in Elizabethtown, with our friends, Chester and Anna Marie Flowers. I said it was like a “friendship get-together.”  While there, I counted we saw 12 different friends, and many times see no one we know.

Edna Drane and Betty McClaugherty visited Evelyn Stone at the North Hardin Rest Home Sunday afternoon. Edna said she seemed to be doing well. She now has a private room.

Ruby Parker is recovering well from her accident. Her daughter, Connie, from near Georgetown visited her over the past weekend.

SYMPATHY. We extend our sympathies to the family of Robert Wayne Best, who died the past weekend. Also the family of Shirley Sessums, who departed this life this week also, as well as all others who lost family members.

GET-WELL WISHES. Prayer concerns: Maynard and Doris Pile, Ray and Cathy Golden, Hank and Cynthia Fullen, Billy and Ruby Parker, Martha Sappenfield, Joel Bas’, Floyd Dodson, Evelyn Stone, Ruth Smith Carmon Delgado,  Tim Johnson, Liz Willett, Debbie Dickerson, David Hester, upcoming double organ transplant, Phyllis Ruff, paralyzed, Margie Henderson, Terry Henderson, pneumonia, Thelma Dunn, Ann Edwards, broken hip, Wendell Pottinger, David Johnson, Bobby Smallwood and all others who are ill, not listed here. Continue to pray for the leaders of our country and for our military, wherever they might be. A few are listed here, Brandon Freeman, Brandon Swartzlander, Jay E. Holmes, Mike Holmes, Trevor Flowers, Matthew Eubank, Jack Bryant, Jim McLaughlin, Charlie Smith, Phillip Fulmer, Robert Gipson, Damien Rayls, Jennifer Tarrance, Mike Tarrance, John Holmes, Buddy Cardwell, Brandon Woosley and Eric Brown.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.” — Gen. George Patton 

HELPFUL HINT. Tub and tile cleaner. Apply full strength vinegar to the area, then scour with soda or salt as you would scouring powder. Rub with a damp sponge and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Many things can be cleaned with things you already have on hand.    

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