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Nov. 25, 2012


Irene Dodson, 862-3808

Hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving with your families.

SYMPATHY. Our sympathies go out to the family of Denise ‘Nisey’ Kay Hodges Bennett, the stepmother of our Assistant Pastor Joseph Bennett, at College Heights United Methodist Church.

Even though grieving, Pastor Joe preached a very good sermon Sunday morning. He and Pastor Adam had exchanged their roles of the service Sunday. Pastor Adam did the announcements and opening and Pastor Joe delivered the message. We are happy to have Pastor Joe’s wife, Andrea, as our piano player for the choir. She does a good job.

CHURCH NEWS. The Charge Conference met Sunday afternoon at College Heights United Methodist Church. The meeting was well attended, and was conducted in a different manner. They had singing and preaching by the Rev. Paul Bransteader and another whom I did not know the name. Also Holy Communion was served. Representatives of the different churches in the district went up and left their reports upon the altar. Following the Charge Conference, College Heights Administrative Board Council held its meeting in the sanctuary, following a break for pizza in the fellowship hall.

The theme of the called meeting was to build or not to build, with the group voting to build or to rebuild a section of the original church, to be more convenient for the elderly and handicapped, etc. Our district superintendent and the vision group feels the church here in Elizabethtown has the potential for growth.

There will be a meeting for Christmas Brass at 5 p.m. this evening. All wind instruments are welcome. For information, contact Jeremy Lundy.

At 7 p.m. Monday, the College Heights dart ball team will play at Stephensburg Baptist Church.

ORGANIZATION NEWS. The Cecilia Community Ruritan Club met Monday and was well attended. The meal was catered by the Cecilia Homemakers. Our speaker of the evening was retired Col. Mike Weaver and with him was his friend, Dr. James Mayer. Col. Weaver is restoring one of the last remaining barracks, one of 30,000 of the mobilization buildings built in the United States. In 2010, Gen. Freeling asked if they wanted to save one of those buildings. The building was moved in 2010 and set up at the Patton Museum. On June 14, 2013, Patton Museum will reopen under the title of Patton Museum of Leadership. He had a board with him that was much worn by the footsteps of the soldiers walking into and out of those barracks. It was interesting and brought back many memories to the veterans present.

GET-WELL WISHES. Health concerns include Danissa Lewis, Billy Parker, Martha Sappenfield, Hobart Nantz, Ken Goodman, Phyllis Ruff, Floyd Dodson and myself, Linda Peasley Winters, Olzetta Firquin, Bill Fitzgerald, Doris Pile, Buddy Cardwell, Saylor Lane Perry, Delva Priddy, Bud, Margie and Terry Henderson, Naomi Ready, Wanda McCoy, Lois Morrissey, Cynthia Fullen, Connie Hatfield, Wilma Jean Cundiff, Jackie McGuffin, Elsie Couch, Laverne Nugget, Bonnie Lee, Bart Ponder, Matt Bush, Shannon Keene, Mattie Jennie Clayton, Joe Sessum, Doris Howard, Adele Andrisen, Mary Lou Given and Thelma Dunn. If you have recovered and wish your name removed from the list or need it added, please call the number below. Continue to remember our military and our country in your prayers.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. “The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.” — Mark Twain.

SUBMIT YOUR NEWS. I need your news, so continue to send to idodson17@windstream.net, or call if you prefer 862-3808. If leaving a message, please speak your phone number slowly and clearly so I may call you back. Thanks.