Chamber unity launches new era

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Editorial: Dec. 26, 2010

The issue: Chambers come together
Our view: Praise for unification effort

It’s the dawn of a new day for Hardin County’s business community.
After nearly two years of work, members of the four isolated chambers of commerce have voted to unite. Sometime next year, the legal work will be complete and the Hardin County Chamber of Commerce will be born as a financially solvent organization interested in the prosperity of each community’s business interests.
Directors of each organization discovered the value of cooperation through the informal Heartland Chambers Alliance. Then devoting months into research, negotiation and planning developed a viable plan to consolidate efforts. Now, like most every county in Kentucky, Hardin County will have a chamber to represent it with one voice.
It’s a focused way to manage limited resources and capitalize on the community’s momentum to continue business development and success.
The planners envision the final product to have twin offices in the county’s largest cities, which will strive to tap the input of agriculture, education, industry, health care, military and every aspect of our business sector. At the same time, advisory committees will represent the four largest incorporated communities but rely on voices from rural areas and small towns for their distinctive values and ideas.
This selfless approach won the endorsement of significant majorities in four separate membership votes. The advantage of a single, healthy body sincerely functioning for the benefit of all clearly was scene as superior by the members at large.
Endorsed by each existing chambers’ board of directors, the announced goal of finalizing a proposal and presenting it for consideration by the end of 2010 was met. Now designated committees will tie up the transition while working out the legal details and ensuring that events and programs of each merging chamber are carried forward. Simultaneously, a separate committee will begin the new year with a statewide search for an executive director to head the combined chamber.
Here’s wishing them well in these critical next steps. The eyes of the community have been watching this display of harmony, cooperation and unity for months. As the work continues, it’s reasonable to expect the same level of wisdom and shared vision to usher in this new day of business leadership.
Congratulations on the achievement. After years of pulling and tugging in separate ways, Hardin Countians can see that cooperation and concentration in the same direction delivers results.


This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board.