From the Cheap Seats: A bucket list of new adventures, old memories

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By Jeff D'Alessio

I am 53 years old, love my wife, love my children and grandchildren, but it wasn’t until I heard the voice, that I was reminded that there are plenty of things that I want to do before I, well, you know, am not here any longer.

It came while I was sweating to the oldies a few times last summer, while mowing the grass and listening to some of the best music these ears have ever heard: from the 1970s and a few country hits sprinkled in, of course.

I realized then that there were some things I wanted to do, people and places I wanted to see, while I could.

They call it a “Bucket List,” a collection of things you want to accomplish before you die.

I want to go to Fenway Park in Boston, take in two or three games and spend a few days in the city. My wife and I think we’ll do that next summer.

I want to, at least once and hopefully many times, go to the Florida beaches for a month at a time.

I want to again walk the baseball field I grew up on, and walk the streets we played on as children.

I want to take another family vacation where all the kids and grandchildren can go just like last year in Gulf Shores, Ala.

I want to read the Bible from start to finish. I have had a few starts and stops, but never an all-out press to read the entirety of it.

I have tinkered with the idea of one day writing a book. It just seems like a lot of work, though, so it is on the list in pencil.

I want to see some of the guys I grew up with and talk baseball and life back in the 1970s.

I would like to play another game of hockey, skate around on a cold night and just listen to the sound of skates on ice.

I want to go to Las Vegas. And Los Angeles and North and South Dakota.

I want to see the Eagles in concert. I can’t tell you why, but I know one of these nights, it’s going to happen. And I hope someone gets this paragraph.

I’d like to see the Grand Canyon, give it a Clark Griswold once over.

I want to again play 36 holes of golf in one day with Bo O’Brien in Bardstown and relive some of the fun times we had when we used to make that a regular summer event. I might even throw in a quick tennis match so he can hammer me 6-2, 6-0, like he usually does.

I want to have a game of catch with my son.

I want to stand in front of all the houses, three, that I lived in before I left for college.

I want to again walk the picturesque Morehead State University campus and maybe walk through a few of the buildings or dormitories I called home for five years.

If anyone had asked me what some of the “Bucket List” items I may have had 16 years ago, I would have had, among them, to one day coach my son in baseball, to be a grandfather and to get to listen to live music from England Dan and John Ford Coley.

I have been able to coach my son in hundreds of games and now wish I embraced the moment more than I did. I consider being a grandfather among the highlights of my life. And in April, I was able to sit at the Historic State Theater in Elizabethtown and listening to the music of John Ford Coley. And I also got to meet him and we talked at length. 

I have plenty of things to do, it seems, and I am adding all the time, and rarely subtracting, and that’s OK. It just means I hopefully have a lot to look forward to as the years pass.

Jeff D’Alessio is the News Editor. 

He can be reached 

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