City Council mulls stop sign request

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Police chief discusses occasional crashes at Dolphin Drive intersection

By Marty Finley

Elizabethtown City Council discussed installing a four-way stop at the intersection of Dolphin Drive and Mary T. Meagher Drive in response to a series of complaints from local residents and businesses.

Mayor Tim Walker said several crashes have occurred at the intersection in the last few years, including three this year. Walker also reported complaints about numerous near collisions.

The problem appears to be an assumption by those traveling on Mary T. Meagher Drive that Dolphin Drive traffic must stop, Walker said during Monday’s council discussion.

Police Chief Tracy Schiller said his department has studied the area and disregard of posted stop signs, rather than speed, seems to be the prevailing cause of crashes. Schiller said he would not consider the intersection a high-risk spot for crashes compared to intersections along U.S. 31W.

Planning Director Ed Poppe said the city typically does not place stop signs on collector roads as Dolphin Drive has been classified, because the goal is to keep traffic moving and stop side streets approaching those roads.

Several council members said they were unsure added stop signs would cut down on crashes after Schiller’s report that stop signs already are being ignored.

Councilman Ron Thomas said he does not recognize any negatives to the four-way stop and is willing to bring the issue to a vote at the council’s voting meeting next Monday. 

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