Closing of Fort Knox schools

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The announcement that 4 schools will close on Fort Knox is not unexpected, and I think it is just a precursor of future actions. DoD schools are on few CONUS Army posts now, Knox, West Point, & Bragg come to mind, and efforts have been made in the past to divest DoD of the cost of running these programs to save money. Divesture would put the students into the local community schools and impose a significant financial and facility burden on Hardin County. DoD now pays a stipend amount to school systems that educate children who live on a military post. The amount changes each year, but locals never feel like the stipend is high enough per head. I can foresee another effort by DoD to drop the schools and dump the kids into the local school systems. I can only hope that if it happens Hardin County will take over some of the on post schools, rather than seeking to build new ones.