Club meeting focuses on the "Three R's"

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By The Staff

  The Sept. 8 meeting of the Radcliff Woman’s Club at Colvin Community Center focused on the “Three R’s” of membership – retention, recruitment and recognition. President-elect Kelly Eubanks suggested the club build a bridge with Fort Knox women’s clubs, as well as encourage the formation of junior women’s clubs. Hostesses were Pat Nuccitelli, Yvonne Rivera, Betty Olive, Emma Rosenkrantz, Maria Batistoni, Suzanne Broadwater and Linda Novak. Membership retention was enhanced by Suzanne Broadwater who provided the Spiritual Values presentation. The tools of membership retention were put to practice as President Margo Kampe welcomed back members Mary Haddix, Ethel Martin, Sheila Emory and Maria Bell. The second “R,” recruitment, was achieved during the meeting with Betty Olive bringing in new member Billie Williams. The third “R,” recognition, was evident as charter members Jeannene Shipp and Mary Agnes Sears were honored. Also recognized at the meeting was member Martie Rose, who received 15 awards at the Hardin County Fair. The meeting ended with the addition of a fourth “R,” reaction. Door prize winners Maria Batistoni, Sheila Enyart, Yvonne Rivera and Jeannene Shipp who won mums. Shipp, who won the 50/50, and donated her winnings to Project Graduation.