Coalition addresses issues faced by military families

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Editorial: July 14, 2011

The issue: Military Outreach Coalition
Our view: Red Cross addresses need

The United States is not alone in its War on Terror, as we often hear about coalition forces fighting side by side with American troops battling bad guys around the world.

Here at home, waiting families are not alone either thanks to a community network that’s available to lend a hand, shoulder or ear as needed. The Fort Knox Chapter of the American Red Cross, already mandated to meet the urgent needs of the military, has seen a need and worked to fill it by creating the Military Outreach Coalition.

The community network of individuals, businesses and service organizations has banded together to fill the gaps and assist military families with a variety of needs. When an emergency happens, whether it is financial, emotional or physical, the Military Outreach Coalition can step in and step up to help a family in crisis.

For example, coalition businesses have sponsored memorial services and receptions to provide comfort and care to families who’ve lost brave warriors. A resource manual has been created to provide military families with essential community information whether they need a support group, financial assistance, a preacher or a plumber.

The American Red Cross is the center of the wheel, providing the resources and connections needed to make the coalition work effectively. Partnering with senior advisers, Family Readiness Groups and others, they are building relationships inside and outside the gates to help families through difficult deployments and unfortunate losses that occur during wartime.

It’s a much-needed and much-appreciated program.

Many of us take what we consider little things for granted: Families that live close, a network of people we grew up with who we can call for information or help, or just knowing the roads and shortcuts across the county.

Many of us don’t know what it’s like to have half your heart living in a faraway land, risking life and limb for others.

Through this coalition, those burdens can be made a little lighter and the gaps made a bit smaller.

This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board.